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 Politics Archive 2014

Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer admits that President Obama is a "very skilled politician"

The GOP's 1999 favorability rating is still lower than the Dems' 2014 favorability rating

Rand Paul favors work over prison

DNC forms a committee to investigate why the Democrats lost during the midterms

POTUS and Mitch McConnell say the economy is one area where they can work together

Howard Dean asked "Where the hell is the Democratic Party"

Chris Christie talks about a possible 2016 presidential run

John Boehner's smart political investment

Hillary Clinton went to Tinsel Town to fundraise for the Democrats

DNC is looking out West to Phoenix, Arizona for the 2016 Democratic Convention

National Republican Senatorial Committee has thrown in the towel in Michigan

Harry Reid is not worried about the Democrats losing the Senate

A new Kentucky poll gives Mitch McConnell some good news and some bad news

Rick Perry had a busy week

Georgia is the state to watch

Dick Cheney says President Obama is showing a lack of knowledge about increasing threats
against the U.S.

A new poll has Rahm Emanuel beating Karen Lewis

Swing voters give President Obama and the Republicans in congress low marks on immigration

A majority of respondents to CNN's "Crossfire" poll support the border patrol agents detaining Jose Antonio Vargas

The Five's Bob Beckle apologized for his "Chinamen" comment

Robert Menendez says that the Cuban government is trying to taint his good name

Ron Barber blames President Obama and Congress for the immigration crisis

Jason Chaffetz says that compromise is a good thing

Joe Scarborough says that President Obama needs to get over his "self-pity"

President Obama tells Speaker John Boehner to do his job

Reactions around the web to John Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama

Speaker John Boehner says that he's filing a lawsuit against President Obama

Kevin McCarthy says he is "humble" to be the next House Majority Leader

Rep. Mike Rogers does not agree with Sen. Lindsey Graham about the United States working with Iran to stop the terroist group ISIS

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Eric Cantor speaks out about why he thinks he lost the congressional primary

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is stepping down from his leadership position

Republicans are re-launching a wave of attacks at Susan Rice

Democrats and Republicans in the House speak out about possible cuts to the national school lunch program

The House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass the USA Freedom Act

John Kerry won't be testifying before the House Oversight Committee

John Conyers' name won't be on the August 2014 ballot

Rep. John Conyers is in danger of losing his congressional seat

The house holds Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress

Rep. Trey Gowdy wants to know why the U.S. stayed in Benghazi

President Obama praises the states while criticizing Republicans in Congress for not raising the minimum wage

Darrell Issa gives the Census Bureau until May 1 to produce documents associated with the Obamacare questionnaire changes

Rep. Ron DeSantis says the House will file charges against Lois Lerner

A small group of GOP House members urge Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor to consider the unemployment benefits bill

Bill Clinton-“You got to suit up and play the game”

Mitt Romney says the U.S. hasn't entered the Cold War phase with Russia

Robert Gibbs says low voter turnout and low fundraising will hurt the Democrats' chances of keeping the Senate

NBC/WSJ poll shows voters slightly favor Republicans over Democrats in Congress

Senate fails to pass the unemployment benefits extension bill

Bi-partisan bill to extend unmployment benefits fails procedural votes in the Senate

Senate votes to move unemployment benefits extension bill forward to the Senate floor for discussion

The Senate Democrats have been successful in using the new filibuster rules to get 16 of President Obama’s nominees confirmed before the year's end

President Obama urges Congress to extend the unemployment benefits for three months

Paul Ryan is “hopeful” tax reform will be done this year