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President Obama believes Hillary Clinton has the integrity to be president
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 21, 2016

During his endorsement of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama made it clear that he believes Clinton has the judgement and the integrity to be the next president of the United States.

In a video released via Twitter, the president said, “Even after our own hard fought campaign in a testament to her character, she agreed to serve our country as secretary of state. From the decision we made in the Situation Room to get bin Laden, to our pursuit of diplomacy in capitals around the world, I have seen her judgment. I’ve seen her toughness. I’ve seen her commitment to our values up close. I’ve seen her determination to give every American a fair shot at opportunity no matter how tough the fight was.”

President Obama’s support of his former secretary of state comes amid an FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of her email to conduct State Department business.

The former secretary of state has consistently said that she did nothing wrong and that her email use was in compliance with the State Department’s regulations.

However, the Investigator General’s (IG) report says that Clinton did not follow the proper procedures when using her own private server and email to conduct State Department business.

On the day that President Obama officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the IG report.

Earnest told the reporters that President Obama believes that politics should not be a factor in this case and “that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference and that people should be treated the same way before the law.”

Republicans latched onto the White House press secretary’s response. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted that Earnest’s has “admitted” that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use is “criminal in nature.”

The Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, responded in a tweet to Earnest admission that the FBI has launched a criminal investigation into Clinton’s email use with what some will consider his [Donald Trump] favorite nicknames for the former secretary of state, “Crooked Hillary” and “Lying Hillary.”

Trump nicknamed Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and “Lying Hillary” because of the “email scandal.” Before the California primary and the president endorsement of her, Clinton responded that the IG’s report is consistent with what she’s been saying about her email use.

The voters, however, are taking a different view. A Fox News poll shows that 60% of voters believe that Clinton is not telling the truth about her email use, while 57% of voters believe the nation’s security was at risk because of her “mishandling” of sensitive national security information.

The questions surrounding Clinton’s truthfulness about her email use has also caused voters to not believe that she has the one thing, integrity, that President Obama believes she has to be the next president of the United States.

According to the Fox News poll , 44% of voters believe she has the integrity to be the president compared to 54% of voters who don’t believe she has the integrity to be the president.

For his part, President Obama has made it clear that he doesn’t believe his former secretary of state committed any crimes by using her own private server to send emails related to the State Department.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday in April of this year, President Obama told host Chris Wallace, “There’s carelessness in terms of managing emails that she has owned, and she recognizes.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running a tough race against Clinton, famously said during a debate last year that “No one cares about your damn emails.”

However, he walked that comment back after questioning whether Clinton has the “judgement” to be the next president of the United States. Like Sanders, his supporters, specifically the Bern or Bust crowd, are also questioning if Clinton will be a better choice.

Some see the questions surrounding her and former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with foreign governments, via the Clinton Foundation, and the “email scandal” as evidence that the Clintons are stereotypical D.C. politicians who only care about themselves and not the voters.

This has led to the Bern or Bust crowd promising to never vote for the former secretary of state. During his official endorsement of Clinton, President Obama addressed the rift between Clinton and Sanders’ supporters.

The president made a point to note that he, like Clinton and Sanders, also had a contentious race with then Senator Clinton in 2008.

Yet, despite their differences, they were able to pull together because they both believed in the same principles.

And it is this fact which the president says will lead to the Democrats being united this November: Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders may have been rivals during this primary but they’re both patriots who love this country and they share a vision for the America that we all believe in . An America that’s hopeful. An America that’s big-hearted. An America that is strong and fair and gives every child the same chance that we had. Those are the values that unite us as Democrats.

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