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Prince Harry is really happy to be a daddy
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 6, 2019

Prince Harry is really happy to be a daddy. It has hit him that a part of him went towards making a life who he’ll have a chance to shape into the being that he and his wife Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle want him to be.

While standing in front of the cameras grinning from one ear to the other, the young prince said about his new title as dad:

     “This is definitely my first birth. It was amazing, absolutely
      incredible. As I said, ‘I’m so incredibly proud of my wife.’ As
      every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely
      amazing. But, this little thing is absolutely to die for. So I’m just
      over the moon.”

Earlier today, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markel welcomed their first child, a baby boy. The little fella came in weighing at 7lbs and 3oz. He has all 10 fingers and 10 toes. No word yet on whether he has the little dimples or not. But it is safe to say that like all newborns, the little fella can blow cute little baby bubbles, while batting his little eyes and squeezing his mama’s and daddy’s fingers.

I’m quite sure that once the little fella grabbed one of Prince Harry’s fingers that all kinds of thoughts came running through Prince Harry’s mind. Thoughts like:

     “I can teach him how to play basketball! I can teach him cricket! I
      can teach him soccer! I’ll tell him about girls, the good ones and
      the bad ones! I’ll teach him how to fish and how to fry it.”

Due to the little fella being seventh in line to the throne and an American citizen who can run to become the next president of the United States one day, the young parents want to make sure their little fella gets as normal a life as they can give him. Yup, the little fella is a throwback, the original British American.

The young couple have limited the little fella’s time in the spotlight and his visitors to just family. Those cameras and people you don’t know will wear you out, now. Plus, that little fella is worn out enough. He had a long trip down that tunnel that probably took somewhere between 12 to 15 hours. That being born stuff wears you out. I know. I was born once myself. Y’all know too because y’all were born once.

The little fella will be spending a good portion of his time sleeping off the exhaustion from being born. Therefore, we won’t get a chance to meet the little fella, via Twitter, until maybe in a couple of weeks, probably the last of May, or the first week of June.

That’s ok, though. The little fella needs to spend his time getting to know the three most important people in his life. And those three important people are his mama, his daddy, and his grandmamma.

Just so y’all know, the grandmamma I’m talking about is Meghan Markle’s mama, Doria Ragland.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go. I’m quite sure that Prince Harry’s mama, Princess Diana, would have been the other grandmamma in the little fella’s life if she were here today.

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