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A restaurant owner gets thrown in
jail for refusing to pay her workers
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 6, 2018

You have to pay your workers! Or, you’ll end up in jail like that one woman did up there in Toronto, Canada.

Yuh Yee (Ellen) Pun is a former restaurant owner who is sharing a very uncomfortable bunk bed with an unattractive female tonight due to her decision to use her workers as a pawn in her little get rich quick criminal scheme that left more than 60 former workers more than $676,000.00 in the hole.

Pun brought this hell upon herself after she decided not to pay her former workers the $457,000 the Ministry of Labour ordered her to pay them.

According to theCTV News folks, the Employment Laws don’t allow the Ministry of Labour to award anything above $457,000.

So the workers had to stick with the $457,000 amount. Something’s better than nothing, I guess.

But, it’s the same way over here in the U.S. of A. You go over to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and tell them your boss did you wrong and they decide to take your case, they won’t be able to get you anything greater than $250,000.

And just like it is in Canada, you can’t get around filing your complaint with the government’s employment agency that is in charge of handling such things. It’s part of the process.

Over here in the states, the court won’t even let you take a peep at a judge if you haven’t gone through EEOC. So you have to go through that process.

If you don’t want EEOC to take your winning case because $250,000 is not enough money for you, then go and get yourself a lawyer who may be able to make you a millionaire after he gets his cut.

There are, however, some folks who just don’t have the means to go and get themselves a lawyer to fight on their behalf; like the poor folks who were done in by Pun and her crew.

The CTV News folks told everybody on the on-line that the workers were Chinese Nationals and many of them didn’t speak a no English and a no French.

Hell, they probably didn’t speak a no Chinese that good either. But y’all get the point, these are dirt poor folks, who have very little education.

We’ve all read and heard about folks like this in the papers and on the on-line.

They get those poor foreign folks up in here, have them packed in some place like sardines in a can, and have them working like a mule on a tobacco farm.

Those folks get on those boats, hoping to live the American dream in either the U.S. of A or Canada, to only get to one place or the other and become a beast of burden.

That’s what Pun and her crew did to those poor folks there, made them beast of burden.

And to top it off, ol’ girl tried to be funny about it by paying $104,800 of the $457,000 that she was told to pay.

Welp, the good judge didn’t find that shit funny. Ontario Court Justice of the Peace Karen Walker turned around and hit Pun and the 12 companies that own the Regal Restaurant Chain, which failed to pay the workers the more than $676,000 they were owed, with a $900,000 fine.

Yup, Pun and her crew had to end up paying the court a fine that is greater than the $457,000 the Ministry of Labour told Pun and her crew to pay the workers in back pay.

Pun and the folks associated with those 12 companies did the only thing they could do; which is to plead guilty.

Those companies shut down back in 2013 after those 60 plus complaints came rolling into the Ministry of Labour’s office.

It took the Ministry of Labour over a year to investigate everything before they decided to tell Pun and them to pay those folks that $457,000.

There’s something y’all need to know about Pun, though. Pun doesn’t discriminate against the type of humans she’s using as pawns in her little get rich quick criminal scheme.

Take the good doctor who got got by Pun. The CTV News folks say that when all of that was going on with the restaurant, Pun found a good doctor to give her $620,000 to buy land that she never did buy.

How she convinced the good doctor to give her money that he probably makes in a year.

I don’t know. But I do know that that there led to her getting convicted of fraud and a 2-year, 6-month jail stay.

In fact, the Supreme Court of Canada denied Pun’s request to hear her case; sealing her fate and ensuring her 2-year, 6-month stay in one of Canada’s “finest jail buildings.”

Hmm, I wonder if the court is going to do the right thing and give that $900,000 fine money to those workers who Pun and those companies left more than $676,000 in the hole.

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