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Rex Tillerson says he's learned that Donald
Trump loves this country
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 4, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a rare press conference today in which he told folks that the one thing he’s learned about President Donald Trump “is that he loves this country.”

Mm-hmm, the secretary of state said that he learned his fellow American, the president, loves this country.

Inquiring minds want to know why is it that the one thing on Tillerson’s mind that he learned about Trump is not that he is an intelligent man with patience and a master at “the art of the deal,” but something so common as Trump loving the country?

Tillerson’s comment is equivalent to somebody saying about a person he knows, “Well, you know, he does love his family.” That, like loving a president loving his country, is something a person suppose to do.

But then again, it’s completely understandable why Tillerson was so bland in his complimenting of Trump. Tillerson is not a fan of Trump.

The secretary of state doesn’t see the president of the United States as intelligent or a good man.

According to reports by NBC and confirmed by CNN’s White House Reporter Kaitlin Collins, Tillerson became so upset with Trump being a total nimpkoopoo that he called him a “moron.”

Mind you, Tillerson didn’t refute this claim during his press conference. All he said was that he doesn’t like the “pettiness” in D.C.

Translation-He said it but y’all don’t have to tell it. There are also reports that Tillerson didn’t take too kindly to that Boy Scouts speech that Donald Trump gave over the summer in which he took time to knock the former president and a Boy Scout, Barack Obama, as well as talking about Mexico paying to build that wall they aren't going to pay to build.

It is truly a speech that confirmed what Tillerson did not deny today, which is that Trump is a “moron.”

Tillerson did, however, deny reports that he is thinking about taking the door marked exit and that his best White House buddy, Vice President Mike Pence, encouraged him to stay and told him how to interact with Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for Tillerson, the fact that he denied that Pence is the reason why he’s still at the White House but not the reports alleging he called Trump a “moron” does nothing but confirm the reports that Tillerson is more than likely on his way out.

Welp, I guess we’ll be getting a new secretary of state pretty soon.

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