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Two grown men dancing;
Happy is how we
Curb Your Enthusiasm
fans are feeling about Richard Lewis doing an episode of Curb
season 11
Twitter Bird Logo;
DID Twitter was
trending after it went down for 30 minutes
on Friday
AMC Theatres 'Welcome Back to the Movies';
AMC Theatres to moviegoers-Welcome
Back to the Movies

Richard Lewis' dog Lila Lapinsky Lewis;

Richard Lewis's dog Lila Lapinsky Lewis

Richard Lewis has a new fury friend
helping to nurse him back to health
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 19, 2021

Richard Lewis has a new fury friend named Lila Lapinsky Lewis who is helping to nurse him back to health. Lila Lapinsky Lewis is a shelter dog who Richard Lewis got after his dog, Bella Luna, passed away.

A back injury, which led to Richard Lewis having to go under the knife once for his back and twice for his shoulder, has sideline ol’ Richard Lewis’ there.

He can’t go out to eat. He can’t go to the movies. And he can’t go hang out with LD and the rest of the fellas on the Curb Your Enthusiasm set.

Although life has just been, unh-unh, for poor ol’ Richard Lewis there, there is a bright spot named Lila Lapinsky Lewis.

Thanks to his new little fury friend Lila Lapinsk Lewis, ol’ Richard Lewis’ spirits have been lifted and the chances of the time table for his return being shorten have increase.


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