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Rick Perry is running for president with
an indictment hanging over his head
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 30, 2015

Rick Perry sure does have his nerve. Despite having an indictment for corruption hanging over his head and the possibility of a life sentence in prison, former Texas Gov.

Rick Perry decided that he will run to become the next president of the United States. Now mind you, Perry is a long shot.

But if by some miraculous event he ends up becoming the 45th president, then he would have made history thrice over.

Perry would become the nation’s first president to win office with an indictment and a possible life sentence hanging over him.

He would also become the first president who would have the power to pardon himself.

Keep in mind that the constitution doesn’t prevent individuals facing criminal charges or convicted criminals from running for president.

Although Congress can invoke Amendment 12 of the Constitution in order to prevent Perry from assuming office if he wins, the chances are that they will not due to their fears of turning the democracy and will of the people idea on its head.

The good news for Perry is that this nation has a history of electing criminals to local, state, and federal office.

The bad news is that Perry’s 2012 presidential run has already cemented the public’s image of him as a nimpkopoo who has bad memory.

And based on his low standing of 2% in the polls, Perry’s chances of making history are below none.

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