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Russia didn't ban the importation of alcohol from the West
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 12, 2014

Russia President Vladimir Putin most likely didn’t include alcohol as one of the ban substances in the sanctions against the United States, member countries of the European Union, Norway, Australia, and Canada because he understands the importance of having a stiff drink after a long day of work.

All of that protein and calcium a person gets from milk, cheese, and meat, and the vitamins from the fruits and vegetables is not what a person needs when he is dealing with international problems on a daily basis.

Heck, just look at the common man and what he drinks when he comes home from a hard day of work. He doesn’t stop at the local pub and tell the bartender, “Give me a shot of milk on the rocks. I sure do need it after the hard day I had with ‘Do-nothing’ Bob.”

No, he’s going home to sit down and talk about his problems with JD (Jack Daniels), BW (Budweiser), or ML (Miller Lite). And Putin “being a man of the people” knows that the best friend a man can have is his spiritual buddies JD, BW, and ML.

No one is going to ease a man’s problems or let him drown them in their sorrows like those three guys. Milk, cheese, meat, fruits, and vegetables have never helped a person deal with a problem.

But JD, BW, and ML have always been there, picking you up when you’re down.

And for a fella like Putin who’s working hard to figure out the best way to invade Ukraine without it looking like an invasion, it makes perfect sense why he would need a little “Miller Time” in order to sort out all that’s going on in his mind.

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