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SNL had a funny way of calling Hillary Clinton a Republican
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 26, 2016

Saturday Night Live (SNL) had a funny way of calling Hillary Clinton a Republican. During the show on Saturday night, comedienne Kate McKinnon, who plays Hillary Clinton, asked a somewhat subtle question that many did not catch.

And that subtle question was, “Between the two of us, who do you trust to be your president? The Republican or Donald Trump?” After asking the question, McKinnon gave a slight smile as if to say, “I hope no one caught that.”

It wouldn’t be far fetch to see Clinton as a Republican. After all, she did campaign for “Mr. Conservative,” Barry Goldwater, in 1964.

But now, the former secretary of state is hoping that Trump will have the same fate as Goldwater had.

And based upon the recent polls, it is increasingly looking as if November 8, 2016, is going to be one of Trump’s most embarrassing days of his life. Go Vote Everyone!

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