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SNL knows The Hills will run again
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 26, 2016

Yep, SNL knows the deal. Hillary Clinton (The Hills) will run again because she really, really, really wants to be the president of these great United States.

Kate McKinnon, who plays Hillary Clinton, said, “But look, if you wanna elect him president on Tuesday, ok, go ahead. But then in four years, once you all realize you’ve been tricked you’re gonna come running back to me, begging me to run again, and guess what idiots I’ll do it.”

And yes, she will run again because the Democrats don’t have anyone else to run.

Sure, she’ll be 73-years-old. But in politics, 73 is the new 53.

And 53 is the age a gal like The Hills needs to be in order to run for president. See you in 2020 Hillary!!!

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