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SNL's Cathy Anne doesn't want y'all blaming fake news on crazy folks
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 18, 2016

Saturday Night Live’s Cathy Anne doesn’t want y’all blaming this fake news business on crazy folks.

Crazy folks are crazy, but they aren’t dumb. And as Cathy Anne told Michael Che, “can you believe that idiot went into that Pizza Shop with a gun and he didn’t leave with no money and no pizza?...crazy people don’t need no fake news to get ‘em going.”

That’s right. Crazy people maybe crazy, but they aren’t as dumb as a box of rocks.

Crazy people have sense enough to know that if you go to a pizza place, you go to rob it of money and pizza.

You don’t go there to investigate some far fetch theory and leave empty handed without any food and money.

Yet, that’s what the fella from North Carolina did. He drove all the way from North Carolina to Washington D.C., not to rob the pizza place but to investigate it.

And all he left with was silver bracelets and a one way round trip ticket to one of our lower institutions where he will surely get his salad toss.

Now if he had done what Cathy Anne says she does which is to follow “the words of my hero, Michelle Rbama. They go low, I get high,” then he wouldn’t be going to a place where he will be forced to get down low on all fours.

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