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SNL's Vanessa Bayer stepped in as Cathy Ann to explain Donald Trump's craziness
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 15, 2017

During Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” with Michael Che and Colin Jost, Cathy Ann, played by Vanessa Bayer, told Michael Che that crazy folks like her have to support Donald Trump because he is crazy.

Cathy Ann said to Michael Che, “I don’t even have a problem with Donald Trump, right, cause he’s crazy and crazy recognize crazy. And Donald Trump, I see you my man.”

And seeing Donald Trump, she does. Cathy Ann sees all of the “s h ish” he’s been doing like firing James Comey and hanging out with the Russians.

Cathy Ann told Michael Che, “Can you believe Donald Trump gets to fire the man investigating him? Wooo, I mean, if I got to fire every person that’s investigating me, I’d probably still have my job at Pizza Hut.”

Now, I know, there are some of you wondering what happened at Pizza Hut.

Welp, ol’ girl really didn’t get into that but she did hint that every and anything you can think of happened at Pizza Hut.

Not showing up to work on time, selling pizza on the side, and putting something besides actual sausage on a pizza are some of the things Cathy Ann more than likely did.

The one thing Cathy Ann knows she’ll never be able to do in her life is to fire all of the people who investigate her. That is something only a special kind of crazy person will do.

And Donald Trump is that special kind of crazy. Trump is so crazy that he did something that even crazy folks, like Cathy Ann, know a person shouldn’t do; which is to fire the man over the agency that is investigating him for hanging out with those Russians.

As Cathy Ann put it to Michael Che, “I have had some problems with paranoia in my life just due to some funky wiring in my head and mixed with some mild recreational heavy drug use. But dang, you gotta be paranoid for real if you messing with the FBI and the Russians on top of that. I mean, he is living the actual life junkies are screaming about at the bowling alley.”

Cathy Ann doesn’t believe anything can be done because the Congressional Republicans, who control Congress, see putting Trump in line as too much work for their backs.

Cathy Ann told Michael Che, “The only thing these investigating committees need to be looking for is a damn backbone, right. And you know it’s not gonna be Mitch Macdonald because he acts even more scared than he looks…like somebody done poked a turtle.”

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