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Satire-Donald Trump explains his Boy
Scouts speech
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 31, 2017

I gave a speech. A great speech. To the BOY SCOUTS OF A-ME-RI-CA! It was a great speech I tell you.

The greatest speech. Everybody loved it, just loved it. They said it was the BEST speech they’ve ever had. SO, I give this speech and everybody loves it.

But, the media. You know how they are, man let me tell ya. Some animals, just vultures. These folks in the media, I tell you.

They’re just vultures. So, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. You know who I’m talking about CNN, THE FAILING NEW YORK TIMES, AND AMAZON WASHINGTON POST.

Let me tell ya, just low lives, especially the Amazon Post. They’re owned by this guy named Jeff Bezos. You know he didn’t vote for me. He didn’t.

He, like all the fake news, said I was going to lose. And I mean, look at me now. I’m in the White House and crooked Hillary is about to go to the big house.


I say, “Huh, what the hell are you talking about? Everybody loves me, they just love me.”

You know, these guys in the media. You have to feel sorry for them though, a bunch of low lives. They have nothing else.

If it wasn’t for me, CNN would be BNN, the Broke News Network because they wouldn’t have any money.

SO-They all say Trump was horrible. It was the worst speech ever. The Boy Scouts loved it. I tell you. I have never received so much love.

They came up to me and said, “Mr. President,” and I say, “Call me Mr. Trump. It’s fine, just call me Mr. Trump.” So they say, “Mr. Trump, it was the best speech ever. The best one I ever heard.”

I told them about life, ok. I told them about life. I told them this story about a rich man on a boat. He was on a boat and they loved it.

I didn’t talk about politics. In fact, I told them I wouldn’t talk about politics. I said, “Who in the hell wants to hear about politics?!”

So, I told them about Obama not showing up, crooked Hillary, and getting healthcare passed; but other than that, I didn’t talk about politics.

Yet, the fake news media. You know who they are. You know. They said I talked to these young boys about politics. I didn’t go there to make a political speech.

I made a speech that they loved. They even said to me, word for word, their credo. And it’s a good credo.

Man I tell you. Loyalty, we talked about loyalty. In D.C., you know, I told them I had changed the name from drain the swamp to drain the sewer because that’s what D.C. is.

It’s a sewer filled with crap and that crap has to go. So, I told them about draining the sewer and how we are going to drain the sewer.

The first thing we’re going to do, I told them, is to get loyal folks in. I mean, man I tell you, the way these folks snitch in D.C., man I tell you, it’s like a den of rats.

They snitch so much, I tell you. I don’t even want to tell you what would have happened to them if they were in the mob. Man, that wouldn’t’ve ended well. Would it Rudy? Rudy knows. He knows.

SO-the fake news media is mad at me. They’re mad at me for talking about building the wall. I told the Boy Scouts, who by the way, we can get to build the wall. They build things. They build campfires, put up tents, and roast marshmallows. Why can’t they build a wall?

So, I tell them about building the wall and the Mexicans that are going to pay for it. Who’s gonna pay for it. Mexico is gonna pay for it. That’s right folks, Mexico is gonna to pay for that wall.

I tell you, they want you to believe all the Mexicans who come over here don’t have drug dealing, raping, and killing to do. That’s all they do. They sell drugs. They rape. They kill. We can’t have that folks.

We can’t become what Europe has become with the Muslims. We can’t have that folks. I tell you. I’ll keep those Mexicans and their tacos and nachos on the other side of the border.

Maybe let them come over to cook the tacos and nachos. They do make good tacos and nachos, but other than that, I’ll keep all of them over that border.

So, I talk about the killing Mexicans and the fake news gets mad at me. They say, “Oh, Donald Trump is talking to kids about cutting up on women.”

I didn’t say that. I said the MEXCICANS are cutting up on women because they do. You know they do. We’ve all heard the stories. But the fake news media doesn’t want you to hear that.

No, they don’t want you to hear that. They want you to think those Mexicans are coming over here to pick oranges, strawberries, grapes, and to make tacos and nachos.

Those food trucks. I tell you. They have some of the best food on those food trucks. I’m really gonna miss those food trucks when we get rid of all those Mexicans out of those sanctuary cities.

And that’s another thing, you get sanctuary when you’ve done nothing wrong. All they do is wrong. They can’t get sanctuary. When has God given sanctuary to the wrong doers? NEVER. I never heard of it.

And I read One Corinthians and Two Corinthians. I read it folks. In fact, I read the whole bible. I did folks.

I read King James version, which is the best version written. It’s the best one for now, just wait until I write my version.

DONALD TRUMP’S CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD! It will be a best seller on It will be. SO-there’s nothing in King James version that talks about the wrong doers getting sanctuary.


But I can tell you, the Boy Scouts of America loved me. They loved my speech. They said it was the best one they ever heard.

But, the fake news media won’t tell you that. Nice.

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