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Congressman Dean Phillips;
Dean Phillips isn't too
jazz about how
Congress is handling
the economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic
India's citizens protesting China;
A poll shows that
over 90% of India's citizens are willing
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Donald Trump Uh Oh Look;
AP sources say Donald Trump knew the Russians were offering money to the Taliban and the Haqqani Network to kill American soldiers

Senator Bob Menendez;

Senator Bob Menendez   

Senator Bob Menendez lets Mike Pompeo
know that he’s aware of the new weapons
sale deal he’s trying to do with the Saudis
bby Nathan'ette Burdine: May 30, 2020

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has let Secretary of State Mike Pompeo know that he knows about that new weapons deal the Trump Administration is trying to do with the Saudis.

“… the administration has recently managed to find a way to double down on President Donald Trump’s repulsive embrace of Saudi Arabia’s murderous regime. And as usual, it involves arms. The administration is currently trying to sell thousands more precision-guided bombs to the President’s ‘friend,’ Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,” is what Senator Bob Menendez wrote in an op-ed that CNN published on its site.

The senator from the great state of New Jersey is right about President Donald (The Donald John) John Trump Sr. being friends with the Saudis.

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The Saudis are such good friends with The Donald John that back in 1991 Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin-Talal put down $20 million on The Donald John’s yacht, Trump Princess, in order to help him through his first Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Y’all know, the one involving Trump Taj Mahal. Yup, the sale of the Trump Princess to the billionaire Saudi prince went towards paying down The Donald John’s debt on the Trump Taj Mahal.

Welp, now, The Donald John is no longer just a Trust Fund Baby/failed casino owner, he’s the president of the United States. And being the president of the United States has sharpen his nails so to the point that he can now scratch the Saudis’ back the right way.

The Donald John is using “emergency orders” in order to justify putting $8.1 billion in the Saudis bank accounts, while also helping his favorite son-in-law’s, Jared (Rich Norman Bates) Kushner’s real estate company, Cadre, to get a $90 billion deal with the Saudis.

Being the good friend and six time “Chapter Elevener” that he is, The Donald John tried to get his friends, the Saudis, $90 billion plus $20 billion extra back for the $90 billion they gave to The Donald’s favorite son-in-law’s company. At least, that’s what I think happened.

The Donald John, however, wasn’t able to get his boys the deal because congressional members, from both sides, were sour on that from the jump. Congress was like, “Nuh-uh, we’re not about to give our money to a bunch of killers walking around in fancy moo moo dresses.” So, they approved 22 resolutions that killed that $110 billion deal. But y’all know The Donald, he’s always going to find a way out. And his way out was by dramatically reducing the deal down to $8.1 billion and using the “emergency order” within the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) in order to get the deal through.

The Donald John and his crew’s argument was that the Saudis needed the weapons in order to help the United States keep Iran in check. That there didn’t cut it, though. Folks see the Donald John and his crew trying to convince them that the Saudis are the U.S.’ secret weapon against Iran as nothing but The Donald John and his crew blowing air out of their south holes.

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“Sadly, subsequent Iranian attacks against oil facilities at Abqaiq and aggression in the Arabian Gulf confirmed these sales had little to do with deterrence of Iran and everything to do with placating bin Salaman. In fact, Iranians continued aggressive behavior and advances in nuclear technology development reconfirm its malign intentions in the region. There was no emergency. It was a fabricated tale to reward an eager and unsavory customer of United States arms,” is what Senator Bob Menendez wrote in his CNN op-ed.

Speaking of Iran, there is that whole issue of The Donald John bailing out on the Iran Nuclear Deal which would have decreased Iran’s production of nuclear material that would’ve been used to make nuclear weapons.

The Donald John also can’t get around the fact that he just fired the State Department Inspector General Steve Linick who was, at the request of House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-NY), investigating why The Donald John thought it was a good idea to use the “emergency order” and Iranian threats in the region, which the Iran Nuclear Deal would’ve helped to curtail, to justify giving $8.1 billion of American citizens’ money to a murderous group of royal thugs walking around the desert in moo moo dresses.

So yeah, this whole the “Saudis will protect us from big ban Iran” trip that The Donald John is on is nothing but a ruse to hide the fact that The Donald John is really trying to grease his buddies’, the Saudis, palms.


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