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Stephen Colbert and guest Wanda Sykes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;
Wanda Sykes talked
to Stephen Colbert
about her wife Alex,
their children, and her Netflix special Not Normal
Snapchat should be fix now
Snapchat Down;
Snapchat users tweeted out
jokes about the app being down


Snapchat Twitter photo 

Snapchat should be fixed now.
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 3, 2019

Snapchat should be fixed by now. The app was down the entire weekend due to an outage on Google servers. Snapchat stores all of its snap chats on Google’s cloud service.

The folks over there at The Verge said Google told them East Coast users backed up the traffic in the cloud. Google’s little blame game, however, was too “congested” to take flight.

East Coast users were like, “It’s not our fault you don’t know how to handle a steady flow of traffic.”

Needless to say, folks weren’t too happy about not being able to snap chat and decided to voice their opinions on the one social media platform that doesn’t go down, Twitter.

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