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Some of you are wondering what
you can do to make it to one year
before the big one double zero like
Betty White has done
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 21, 2021

How many of you are wondering what it is you need to do in order to make it to one year before the big one double zero?! Luckily for you, Ms. Betty White has the answer. According to the New York Post , Ms. Betty White said in an interview that the key to being a year shy of the big one double zero is to not let stress take its rest on you: “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Just looking at the positive side and not dwelling on the downside. Takes up too much energy being negative. Also, having a good agent who keeps me busy all the time.”

All of that negativity and little to no money will make a human smoke cigarettes, which will kill you before you’re half a century.

Bill Murray Smoking;

Therefore, get rid of all the negativity. Be positive and have fun like Ms. Betty White and her former cast mate, Ryan Reynolds (Ryan the actor), did on the set of The Proposal.

During a break on set, Ms. Betty White walked up to Ryan Reynolds, who was sitting in his little actor’s chair, and called him Brian. Ryan Reynolds corrected her telling her that he is Ryan the actor and not Brian the assistant.

Ms. Betty White paid his correction no never mind, though, and instead went on about her business of ordering him to fetch her “a cup of coffee.”

Backstage drama on the movide set of The Proposal Betty White Telling Ryan Reynolds To Fetch Her Coffee;

Fetching, however, is what Ryan Reynolds let Ms. Betty White know that he, Ryan the actor, does not do. And if she so happens to find the real Brain the assistant then she needs to tell him to bring Ryan the actor a mocha latte with whip cream and a bright ruby red cherry on top.

Backstage drama on the movie set The Proposal Ryan Reynolds Telling Betty White He Is Not Fetching Her Coffee;

Needless to say, all of that sent the heat meter all the way over to red. Ms. Betty White told Ryan the actor that he was “a jackass,” and Ryan the actor, in turn, told Ms. Betty White that her soul was so rotten to the core that she couldn’t help but be a “seething demon.” “Why don’t you suck a hot c-k? That’s right, everybody, I told Betty White to go suck a hot c-k!” That’s what Ryan the actor told Ms. Betty White after telling her she was a “seething demon.”

Backstage drama on the movie set of The Proposal Ryan Reynolds Telling Betty White To Use Her Oral SkillsBill Murray Smoking;

Sandra (Sandy B) Bullock walked up on all that was going on, but all she heard was Ryan the actor’s cussing and fussing going on. She asked Ryan the actor what was going on, which caused Ms. Betty White to put on the water works and run into her arms. Ms. Betty White told Sandy B that Ryan the actor began slinging more curse words at her than a 14th century drunken sailor did in the middle of a salon all because she told him that he reminded her of her grand-daddy.

Shocked by how golden one of the “Golden Girls” acting skills are, Ryan the actor tried explaining to Sandy B that Ms. Betty White has more faces than Eve does. And further proof of that point was Ms. Betty White shooting Ryan the actor a bird while convincing Sandy B that she was just a little ol’ woman being ragged on by a “Disco Baby.”

Backstage drama on the movie set of The Proposal Betty White shooting Ryan Reynolds the bird;

It was all in fun, though, as Ryan the actor said on his Instagram page: “We made this movie 12 years ago. Betty turns 99 today. But she is 100 [percent] the funniest person on the planet.”

Ms. Betty White is a hoot and that’s the whole point, folks. We only live once. Don’t let hate and negativity drown you in a sea of despair. Get up! Live! Have fun! You only get one go round this life.


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