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Speaker John Boehner says that he's
filing a lawsuit against President Obama
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 7, 2014

Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that he will be asking the House to vote on a bill that will allow him to sue President Obama in federal court.

During a press conference , Boehner said that President Obama violated the Constitution’s “Separation of Powers Act” between the Executive and Legislative branches by issuing executive orders in order to change the laws associated with Obamacare, the EPA, foreign policy, and education.

“Under the Constitution’s Separation of powers principle, only the Legislative Branch has the power to legislate.

On one matter after another during his presidency, President Obama has circumvented the Congress through executive action, creating his own laws and excusing himself from executing statues he is sworn to enforce-at times even boasting about his willingness to do it, as if daring the American people to stop him.

On matters from health care and energy to foreign policy and education, President Obama has repeatedly run an end-around on the American people and their elected legislators, straining the boundaries of the solemn oath he took on Inauguration Day,” said Boehner.

President Obama responded in an interview with ABC’s George Stephenopolous that the lawsuit is a “stunt.”

During a press briefing , White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that Boehner should be focused on something else besides “taxpayer-funded lawsuit” against the president.

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a press release that the lawsuit is a “subterfuge” meant to take away from the Republicans inaction on the economy and immigration.

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