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Stephen Colbert Lewis Black

Stephen Colbert Lewis Black Late Show with Stephen Colbert Screenshot           

Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black
questioned why sexual harassers
are allowed to keep their jobs so
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 5, 2017

Lewis Black and Stephen Colbert questioned just how much work the sexual harassers are getting done if they are busy running around sexually harassing folks.

Black told Colbert that he was too tired to just do, let alone sexually harass folks.

According to Black, he would get his notes from Comedy Central at ten in the morning and fifteen minutes later he was exhausted.

“All I cared about was when can I get my drink,” is what Black told Colbert. Colbert agreed. It just boggled his mind, as it does the rest of us normal folks, as to why nasty devils like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and the other lot of them would spend time and energy chasing the “cat,” or in Spacey's case chasing the "dog,"  when they should be spending their time and energy chasing money.

Colbert said, “That is the greatest thing to keep you on the straight and narrow is to work hard enough. The people who are having sexual misconduct in an office I’m like, ‘ You should fire them just for not being busy enough.’ Where do you find the time to do that, to be an asshole?”

It’s a good question, mind you. If a person has his mind on his work, then he doesn’t have time to get into any mess.

But if his mind isn’t on his work, he has a lot of time to get into mess that can cost his employer a whole mess of money.

That’s why employers need to listen to folks who continuously warn them about an employee who’s running around trying to poke his stick in the wrong hole because that’s a sign that employee is going to cost his employer a whole lot of money sometime down the road.

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