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Stephen Colbert interviewing former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe

LSSC YouTube screenshot

Stephen Colbert asked Andrew
McCabe what does he owe the
FBI since they fired him
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 20, 2019

Stephen Colbert had a sit down with former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to talk about his new book, The THREAT.

is about how the head of the FBI had to deal with the possibility that the president of the United States may very well be in the hands of one of the nation’s adversaries, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Colbert asked McCabe, “What do you owe the FBI now that you’ve been cut loose? Why can’t you just say what you want? You don’t owe them nothing.”

The last comment had McCabe and the #LSSC audience laughing. And I must say that it is quite funny considering the natural human inclination to just tell everything after they have been done wrong.

McCabe, though, isn’t one to let his personal feelings dictate him so to the point that he veers waaayyy off the tracks there.

“By virtue of the clearances that I had and my position, I’m still obligated to protect national security information and that’s one of the ways that government organizations ensure that information is protected,” is what McCabe said to Colbert.

McCabe went on to say that he respects the FBI’s process that is used to assist former FBI agents in getting their books published and that he is “please with the product that came out.”

And to that, Colbert simply responded, “As am I. I enjoyed it.”

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