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Stephen Colbert Chris Cuomo doing push-ups;

LSSC Screenshot YouTube 

Stephen Colbert challenged Chris
Cuomo to a push-up contest
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 3, 2019

Stephen Colbert challenged Chris Cuomo to a push-up contest.

    "How many push-ups do you do?" Colbert asked Cuomo.

    "As many as I need to," is how Cuomo responded to Colbert's first
     attempt at challenging him to a push-up contest.

Cuomo was trying to be “Mr. Big Man” because he knew, deep down, that Colbert would beat him. Don’t let Colbert’s small frame fool ya’, now.

Colbert is the “Late Night Popeye.” And like Popeye, Colbert gets all pumped up whenever he feels like he’s been challenged.

Unfortunately for po’ ol’ Cuomo there, his hairless chest posts on Instagram were a direct threat to Colbert.

    "You could you pop out 40 push-ups right now?" Colbert asked.

    "If I need to and I really don’t feel that I need to," Cuomo quickly

    "I bet I could do more push-ups than you," is what Colbert then

    "I bet you could to," Cuomo hit back at Colbert with.

Oh, Cuomo really stepped into it with that one. Colbert got a sneaky grin on his face, looked over at Cuomo, and told him, “Let’s get after it.”

They went off to the side. Colbert took off his jacket. Cuomo took off his jacket. Colbert rolled up his sleeves. Cuomo rolled up his sleeves.

Noticing that he was following ol’ Colbert’s there lead, Cuomo decided he’d better change it up a bit. So, he took off his tie. This cause Colbert to stop and give Cuomo one of those, “You’ve done it now,” looks.

Colbert took off his watch, kneeled down, and got into perfect push-up form. “Come on Stephen,” a man in the audience yelled. Cuomo kneeled down next to Colbert, got into perfect push-up form, and then looked over at him and smiled.

The crowd began the countdown, “One, two, three!...” They counted the two all the way to 40! Colbert made it! He did 40 push-ups!

Colbert was even generous enough to use his tie to wipe the sweat off of his and Cuomo’s chin; which gave Colbert the opportunity to take a peek at Cuomo’s chest hairs.

    "He’s got…" said Colbert.

    "No!" Cuomo said all girly like.

    "He’s got hair on his chest," Colbert said again.

Hahaha, Cuomo has a hairy chest that he waxes every Saturday!


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