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by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 20, 2018

What is the lesson y’all learned after watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (LSSC) last Wednesday night?

Hint, it involves a phone and money. Give up?! Ok, ok, ok I’ll tell y’all.

The lesson LSSC taught folks is that they must place money in the payphone if they want to use it.

Huh, what is a payphone? Well, a payphone is what folks back in the 90s and earlier on used in order to call folks.

There were cell phones and pagers. But they weren’t as cool as they are today.

Back then, folks needed five different devices to do what one iPhone can do today.

You use a cell phone to call folks. You use a pager to send folks written messages.

You take pictures with an actual camera. You get a tape recorder to record folks, and you use a video camera to video record folks.

Needless to say, technology has made doing all of these things much more convenient.

You get an iPhone and you can call folks, send text messages, take pictures, record folks, and video record folks.

But before all of this real good technology came along, there was the payphone.

It cost a quarter to call somebody, anybody, including the operator who would give you a person’s phone number to call.

It still costs a quarter. But hey, it’s less than that $300 or more iPhone bill y’all have to pay. Landline and payphones are cheaper.

Maybe somebody will bring the rotary phone back. Go on and take a look down below at my main man Stephen Colbert showing a young lady how to use a payphone.

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