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Stephen Colbert won't be denied the right
to enjoy joking about the covfefe tweet
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 8, 2017

Stephen Colbert wants everyone to know that he is not going to miss an opportunity to put his two cents in about the “covfefe” tweet.

After a week’s vacation, Colbert appeared back on air on Monday. During his show, Colbert told folks, “I know this happened five days ago, but I will not be denied the chance to enjoy this one. You know what I’m about to talk about.” And what he was talking about was “covfefe.”

Colbert used his Trump voice in order to read the now famous “covfefe” tweet, which Colbert jokingly said was a “strong” and “bold” statement that reminded him of the rough draft of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

A rough draft, which according to Colbert, began like this, “Four score and seven ratselttab.”

Despite how bad Trump’s tweets are, the comedian told folks he recognizes what happened.

And according to Colbert, the what that happened was Donald Trump being a “hilarious jokester.” Colbert said, “It’s not a mistake. It’s fun. It’s fun. He’s in on the fun. What a hilarious jokester.”

Colbert told folks that Trump can’t help but be silly because it’s his “great follow up to everything he does that makes no sense.”

And whether it be the “covfefe” tweet or his complaints about the media and the intelligence community, Trump just loves not making any sense whatsoever.

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