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Stephen Miller says the new immigration bill won't affect those working at Donald Trump's businesses
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 4, 2017

During a press conference on Wednesday, White House Adviser Stephen Miller told the press that the new immigration bill, Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act, will not have an impact on the immigrants working at Donald Trump’s businesses.

Miller told reporters, “This bill of course doesn’t deal with guest workers and temporary non-immigrant visas, which is I think what you’re asking about and that’s a separate thing…This legislation deals with green cards.”

So yeah, Trump’s businesses won’t be subjected to the new immigration requirements.

The folks who come here for a minute and then leave won’t have to meet the new immigration requirements that Trump says will “Make America Great Again” and “Safer Again.”

Let Trump and his crew tell it, these folks are just here to work and do nothing else. They don’t have plans to be anything more than what and who they are.

But for those who want to come here and stay forever, welp, they must prove that they are college educated, are able to financially support themselves, and are able to speak fluent English before they’re given a green card.

Because under President Donald J. Trump Sr., there will be no helping of another country’s cast aways.

Trump wants folks to know that America is the home of the free, as long as folks can pay for their own freedom that is.

Unfortunately for Trump, there is bi-partisan support against this bill. Plus, the businessmen and women, particularly those in the red states Trump carried during the presidential election, have warned him that their businesses will struggle if they don’t have the lower skill foreign workers who do the jobs in the farming and service industries that Americans just won’t do.

Trump’ response to all of this is if he can decrease the number of low skilled foreign workers into the country then he can increase the number of American workers in the farming and service industries that American workers just don’t want to work in. Mm-hmm, it sounds just the way it sounds.

In addition to that shit-uation, Trump has yet to explain what will happen to the highly skilled American workers after the highly skilled foreign workers, who he wants to prioritize over the low-skilled workers, began taking the highly skilled American workers’ jobs.

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