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Steve Bannon agrees to sit down and talk to Robert Mueller about Donald Trump and Russia
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 17, 2018

Steve Bannon has decided it’ll be best for him to have that sit down chit-chat with Special Counsel Robert Mueller about all that he knows about Donald Trump and Russia.

Earlier this morning, CNN reported that Bannon struck a deal with Mueller to meet with him in exchange for Bannon not having to sit before the federal grand jury.

Bannon made the deal a day after his nine hour testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

During the testimony, the committee subpoenaed Bannon on the spot after he tried using executive privilege in order to not say all the bad he has said about Trump and his family.

The subpoena remains. In fact, I believe it was the subpoena and the federal grand jury that had Bannon sweating like a hog to the point that he picked up the phone and called Mueller about having that little talk.

Bannon was like, “Hello, it’s me.” And Mueller was like, “Me who?!” Bannon responded, “Me Bannon.”

Yeah, that’s how that went. But I knew something like this would happen because Bannon is a snitching mitch (male bitch).

And snitching mitches always find a way to save their own hides. The thing Bannon has to keep in mind though is that executive privilege won’t help him with Mueller. All he has to do is talk to Michael Flynn about that. Yeah, Flynn has turned state evidence.

And it is for that reason along with the fact that Bannon is a snitching mitch that I believe Bannon is about to turn on Trump and tell all that he knows.

Yup, Bannon is about to “crack like an egg.” That Mueller knows how to put the pressure on them!

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