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Susan Sarandon won't vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 26, 2016

Susan Sarandon isn’t voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. During an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Sarandon made it clear to Maher that she isn’t a fan of either candidate.

Sarandon said about Trump, “Well, some of the liberals didn’t read the article or see the interview they just looked at these misleading headlines that the Daily Beast, and The Hollywood Reporter, and the Hill had put up there saying that I supported Trump.

But if you read it or you saw it, I did not say that.” Maher asked her if the same applies to Clinton considering the fact that she, Sarandon, is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Sarandon responded that she isn’t at a place whereby she can say that Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

Maher told Sarandon that like her, he supports Sen. Sanders but that he will vote for Clinton if she becomes the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

Maher said, “But I’ve also been saying if the airline cannot board your first choice, eat the chicken. That should be Hillary’s slogan, “Eat the chicken.” Are you going to eat the chicken?”

Sarandon looked at Maher and responded that she is “a vegetarian.” Sarandon told Maher that Clinton will have to do a give and take if she wanted support from Sanders’ supporters: “You’re going to have to give them something if you want them to vote because they’re not the same on the environment, one wants fracking one doesn’t, they’re not the same on a lot of things.”

Sarandon also questioned if Clinton could be taking seriously due to her changing views on minimum wage. Sarandon said, “-she’s already come up to the $15 minimum wage, that’s nice but she didn’t support that.”

Maher agreed that Clinton isn’t “perfect” on every issue but she is better than the Republican presidential candidates on issues that Sanders’ supporters support.

Sarandon, however, wasn’t buying Maher’s argument that Clinton is better than what they, the Republicans, have.

The actress told Maher, “Well, I’m not going to say that I think Bernie Sanders is not going to get the nomination. Don’t burst my bubble.”

Sarandon went on to say that she doesn’t believe President Obama has done his part on Progressive issues and that he has instead, “left the grassroots on the lawn of the White House.”

Recognizing that President Obama had a large fan base in the audience, Sarandon quickly stated that the president has done some good things.

Maher chuckled and told her that it was ok to talk about President Obama; “You can attack him. He won’t do this show.”

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