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Halloween Michael Myers

The Halloween movie folks' photo

Take these Halloween reviews into
consideration when deciding if you
should watch the movie on Netflix
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 14, 2019

I know there are those of you who want to know if you should watch the new Halloween movie whenever it comes out on Netflix this year.

Full disclosure, I haven’t seen the movie. Now, don’t hold it against me that I didn’t pay $9 and some change to see the movie.

Like some of y’all, I like to sit in the comfort of my home and watch shows on Netflix.

And I’m quite sure that the new Halloween movie is one of the shows that will show on Netflix this year.

That’s why I decided to stop by the Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter, and YouTube folks to see what the moviegoers are saying about the horror classic.

The reviews are mixed with some folks liking it and some folks just eh. Jennifer T, who was over at Rotten Tomatoes , was one of the folks who like the movie. She gave the horror film five stars and said that “They got it right!”

Another moviegoer by the name of Jenisa T, no relation to Jennifer T, went to Twitter where she tweeted:

Like Jennifer T and Jenisa T, Joey Woodcock thought the Halloween sequel was supercool.

Joey Woodcock went on the YouTube and told folks that the movie was so good that it “was still one of the most enjoyable and satisfying viewing experiences I’ve ever had.”

I know, I know, I know…that “still” part. All Woodcock was simply saying there is although he understands the directors and writers need to please the fans with some scenes that may divert from the theme of the movie, it is not enough for him to not list the movie as one of his favorites whenever it comes out on Netflix.

Having said that, there were some folks who were just, nuh-uh about the direction the directors and writers took the movie.

Folks like Temper Wolves, who wasn’t a temper wolf while expressing his feelings about the movie, told everybody on the YouTube that he wouldn’t pay a copper penny to see it again.

Here’s what the Temper Wolves said exactly, “Damn this movie was trash the acting was garbage and the hole movie just him stabbing five people and the end fight last for like two mins lol the old classic Halloween was better.”

Kurk K, who likes likes to hang out over at Rotten Tomatoes, agrees that the ol’ Halloween movie was waaayyy better. Kurk K sees the new Halloween movie as a comedy posing as a scary movie.

So he did what die hard classic fans tend to do which is to give a bad remake a bad rating, a 0.5 rating to be exact: “I felt like I was watching an R rated Home Alone with about 20 characters too many. There were so many plot holes and poorly written characters doing things so unbelievable I didn’t understand if it was trying to be a farce or was really taking itself seriously.”

A lot of scary movies do have a tendency to transition over into the comedy genre. That one Chucky movie, umrahuhumrahumuhrah, The Seed of Chucky! That’s what it is, The Seed of Chucky!

Chucky and Tiffany had that boy, Glenn/Glenda, messed up so he/she didn’t know if it should be out or in.

Chucky called the boy Glenn and Tiffany called the boy Glenda. Chucky told the boy/girl that violins are “screechy music that’s going to send the country straight to hell!”

And then he took the boy/girl out on a kill which ended with them killing Brittany Spears and Chucky saying, “Oops, I did it again. Hehehehe!” Now, that there was funny!

But still, I understand Kurk K’s point. Michael Myers is too big to be giving folks the giggles.

When folks look at Michael Myers, they don’t think “hehehehe!” They think, “shh-shh shh-shh.” Michael Myers is a biggun!

Ain’t nothing funny about a big 6’2, 230 plus pound joka wearing an ice hockey mask, during the summer time, while walking around with a sugar cane cutting machete in his hand.

That big baby back rib, collard green, cornbread feed lookin’ joka will make a person called Brinks Security, telling them to send “Ving Rhames” out to put his big behind down!

You don’t “hehehehe” laugh whenever you see Michael Myers, unh-unh! You haul tail! You go whenever you see 6’2, 230 plus pounds, ice hockey mask wearing, sugar cane machete in the hand carrying Michael Myers at your door!

My main man Josh R knows this! That’s why he gave Halloween one of those Ø, Not Interested, ratings.

Ol’ Josh R there told folks the movie is “corny” and is just simply “legit pathetic.”

All right now folks, I know what y’all are thinking. “Why are you being such a hater? Those Rotten Tomatoes folks and the critics say the Halloween movie is so good that it’s bad.”

I know. That’s what they say. But just because they say it doesn’t mean y’all shouldn’t take other folks’ opinions into consideration when deciding whether y’all are going to continue paying Netflix that $13.99 premium subscription fee in order to see Halloween whenever it comes out this year.

And as y’all know…if you wanna know what something is really like, then all y’all have to do is go to the folks who aren’t getting paid to tell y’all what it’s like.

And that’s how it is with the movie Halloween!

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