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Ted Cruz speaking to the Tea Party Express;

Ted Cruz speaking to Tea Party Express supporters in Austin, TX
May 6, 2012 Gage Skidmore's photo Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Ted Cruz and the other shameful
15 can point to Wendell Pierce's
arrest and say their supporters
didn't do that
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 16, 2016

Ted Cruz and the other shameful 15 can point to Wendell Pierce’s arrest and say, “Our supporters never did that.”

Pierce is a Hillary Clinton supporter who TMZ alleges did what Donald Trump supporters love to do which is to go all "bout it bout it " and just basically behave non-Christian like.

Pierce allegedly took his anger out not on a Trump supporter, but one of Bernie Sanders supporters; so says TMZ.

The ruckus occurred in a luxury hotel in the ATL. According to TMZ, Pierce and the Sanders’ supporter were initially doing real good.

However, the conversation went to Hell in a hand basket after the two began talking about one of the forbidden three, politics, in a conversation.

The other forbidden two are religion and sexual orientation, which I’m sure they would have done better with.

Pierce, according to TMZ, decided to lay hands on the man and his ol’ lady for bad mouthing The Hills, Hillary Clinton.

The two managed to escape Pierce’s alleged raff and call security who then called the police. Pierce was arrested and charged with simple misdemeanor battery.

He posted his $1,000 bail that night and decided it is best to remain silent; which is something he is most likely more mindful of due to his portrayal of the alleged “cookie addict” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in HBO’s Confirmation.

For those of you who don’t know, “cookie” is another way of describing the place where human life emerges from after nine months in the womb.

Now, back on point, Thomas is one of Cruz’s favorite justices and Thomas’ wife Ginni Thomas, who sneaked called Anita Hill early one Saturday morning, supported Cruz during his run for president.

The one thing Cruz and the shameful 15 can take from all of this is that unlike the last three standing, their supporters were Christian like and didn’t act a fool on or off the campaign trail with the opposing side. Allegedly.

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