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Lucifer, God's 2nd Favorite Son

10 episodes ia all Season 6 of Lucifer
will have
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 16, 2020

FYI-Tom Dollier and Dr. Henry Knows are fictional characters I created to talk about the Netflixers.

Well, well, well…the Netflix (Netflixers) exes are at it again with their “special” brand of torturing us Lucifans.

First, it was only giving us a taste of Lucifer (Lucy, Dear Lucy) by showing a measly 8 episodes which, by the way, has left me as nervous and intense as a 1980s junky baby.

I’ve been twitching, throwing stuff, cursing God, and the dog. I’ve tried reruns but…the reruns just aren’t enough. I haven’t been well folks. I really haven’t.

Like me, I’m quite sure there are those of you who need your Lucy fix. I wish I had better news but I don’t. Not only do we have to wait until next year to get more Lucy, but we’re only going to get 10 episodes of the sixth and final season.

You read it right, 10! All of those Netflixers have zipped their Netflixing lips about this. No peep! No sound! Nothing! Just quiet! And to tell y’all the truth, I got a good feeling that this is the working of Tom Dollier and Dr. Henry Knows. Those are the two fellas who decided it’ll be best to serve us up just a taste, 8 episodes, of our “Dear Lucy.”

And anybody who’ll be so cold hearted as to only serve up 8 portions of Lucy, when they know they have 8 more portions in the bag, will stoop so low just to serve up 10 portions of Lucy during the sixth and final season.

Speaking of that sixth and final season, that is just cold bloodied. Those 10 episodes they’ll put out won’t even push the show up to 100 episodes which would’ve guaranteed Lucy and his familia more money with all of those reruns and distribution and what nots.

Now, I know they’ll get 93 episodes and 88 is all a show needs for syndication. The fact, though, still remains that 88 and 93 aren’t 100, which brings in more cha-ching, cha-ching!

And anybody who’s a devil of his word surely deserves 100 plus episodes and 8 or 10 seasons so that he can add more weight to his gold. That would’ve been the Christian thing to do.

But, I guess you can’t spec anything else from folks who ain’t been to the cross.


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