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The CW boss Mark Pedowtiz says
it is unlikely that Swamp Thing will
have a season 2
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 26, 2021

The positive reviews and high ratings got my hopes up that Swamp Thing (Swampy) would get a season 2, but then The CW boss Mark Pedowitz decided to drop a deuce on the whole thing. And the only reason I can come up with for Mark Pedowitz being a deuce dropper is that he doesn’t think Swamp Thing is good enough to be a part of The CW family.

Hey, I don’t want to hear it. It is what it is. Mark Pedowitz saw the reviews. He saw the ratings. He knows that Swamp Thing, along with Lucifer on Netflix, was one of the two best shows on from October 2020 to December 2020.

Swampy is so good that 1.1 million folks put up their dawgs and leaned back in their recliners to watch the first episode of Swampy. All of those eyeballs on Swampy ended up giving The CW its best rating for the 90 minute time slot, since February 4, 2020, and The CW its best rating for the 8 o’clock time slot, since May 19, 2020, when DC Stargirl was on.

Mind you, when those numbers were first reported, Mark Pedowitz was running around like a Cheshire cat, grinning from one ear to the other, about the gold mine he lucked up on with Swamp Thing. But now, he’s all brand new and telling folks he just can’t commit to the Swamp Thing crew.

Here’s what that Peter White fella and Nellie Andreeva gal from Deadline wrote about their conversation with ol’ Mark Pedowitz, there: “Pedowitz said that the show performed well digitally for The CW Seed and was happy that it aired it, but that would like to focus on shows such as Wonder Girl, Naomi or Painkiller.” In other words, Mark Pedowitz was happy to use Swamp Thing like a cheap two-dollar hooker in order to get a quickie. But now that his wife (Wonder Girl) and woman (Naomi or Painkiller) are back, Mark Pedowitz is dumping Swamp Thing.

There are no Swamp Thing reruns on The CW. The only shows we get to see are those that came in last, second and third and so forth, behind Swamp Thing in the ratings. Heck, it wouldn’t even be a surprise if Mark Pedowitz decided to yank Swamp Thing off The CW's digital. Mark Pedowitz, though, will come along and rationalize the whole thing with something like, “Swamp Thing is too expensive for us to cut a deal with WarnerMedia.”

Yeah, it’s true, Swamp Thing was an expensive one to make. The price tag was $85 million, which is why some folks say DC Universe had to turn ol’ Swampy a loose. However, all of that yadda, yadda, ya about Swampy being more expensive than a Manhattan broad doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

The show was working well within its $85 million budget and was given $16.9 million from the state of North Carolina, where the series was made. It’s clear that $16.9 million isn’t $85 million, but every little bit helps. Plus, by time all of Swamp Thing’s paraphernalia is sold and all of those marketing deals from here to China are made, the WarnerMedia folks would have made that $85 million back 10 times over. So yeah, whatever man.

All of that ying yang that Mark Pedowitz will more than likely come up with about Swampy being too much for The CW’s wallet to handle won’t undermine the fact that he just didn’t want Swampy because Swampy isn’t one of his faves like Wonder Girl, Naomi, Painkiller, and the “[Non-Scripted]” shows World’s Funniest Animals and Penn and Teller that he is also focusing on.

“It’d be interesting to have Swamp Thing on Legends of Tomorrow, that would be a fun way to do it, but I’m not sure that would happen,” is what Mark Pedowitz fixed his lips to tell that Peter White fella and Nellie Andreeva gal from Deadline.

We all know why Mark Pedowtiz really doesn’t want Swamp Thing to “happen” on The CW. Mark Pedowitz doesn’t have enough pimping in him to convince the WarnerMedia folks that he can bring in enough green from Swamp Thing for The CW and WarnerMedia.

It’s all about the money and Mark Pedowitz and The CW folks just don’t have enough pull to haul in the money WarnerMedia needs to green light The CW’s continuance of Swamp Thing.


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