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The Canadians have five more diss to
add to their list of Trump dissing them
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 11, 2018

Donald Trump really doesn’t like the Canadians. Every chance he gets he disrespects them.

In fact, Donald John’s hate for the Canadians is why he loves disrespecting them so much so to the point that he has given them five more diss to add to their Trump diss list .

There’s the whole bit about the War of 1812, calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (JT) “indignant,” showing up late to a G7 meeting, leaving early, and then saying “there’s a special place in hell” for Trudeau.

The whole bit about the War of 1812 began after Donald John went snooping around for a justification for those messed up steel and aluminum tariffs he placed on Canadian products coming into the U.S. of A.

Jim Acosta and Paula Newton of CNN said that Donald Trump turned to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and asked him if Canada did what knowledgeable folks know the British did in 1812; which is to burn down the White House.

Here’s what Acosta and Newton said Trump fixed his lips to ask Trudeau, “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House.”

Acosta and Newton didn’t say how Trudeau responded. However, I’m sure he was thinking to himself, “This old fella is really insane.”

And I wouldn’t blame JT for thinking such a thing about ol’ Donald John because whenever somebody has to go 206-years back to try and find a reason to do wrong, then that person knows he has no business doing his wrong.

And that’s the case with Trump and these steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, the EU, and Mexico. It’s just wrong.

In fact, it’s so wrong that Trump is citing a war in which the U.S. invaded Canada.

Like many young countries, the U.S. had its chest out and was looking for ways to flex its muscles.

And what better way to show one’s strength than to take another country’s territory; the British territory of Canada that is. Welp, that led to the British burning down the White House and the U.S. deciding it’s best to just leave Canada alone.

Trump, though, didn’t hear any of that. He just heard war, Canada, and White House burn down and thought the Canadians were the ones who burned down the White House.

After hearing that, poor ol’ JT there decided that Donald John had just pushed his niceness to the limits.

First, Donald John uses the U.S. Department of Commerce rule to try and justify applying tariffs against Canada, the European Union (EU), and Mexico and now he’s trying to use a two century plus year old war to justify the tariffs. Just sad! Just sad, I tell ya!

At some point, Donald John realized that the U.S. Department of Commerce’s rule isn’t enough to convince the Republicans in Congress that those tariffs will do nothing but tear a rift in the relationship between the U.S. and its allies.

So, ol’ Donald John decided to add some meat onto the bones by going back 206-years to justify what he can’t justify.

JT looked at all of that wrong and was like, “Enough is enough! There’s a limit to my niceness and this ol’ man has reached it!”

JT sat down at his computer, logged into his Twitter account, and tweeted to folks that if the U.S. doesn’t get rid of those tariffs then come July 1, 2018, he is going to apply a fresh round of tariffs of his own on U.S. goods.

Ol’ Donald John didn’t like that. He took JT’s clapping back at him on the Twitter as a sign of disrespect, or as Donald John put it, “indignant.”

Donald John was like, “Who is this little shit who thinks he can shit on me after I shitted on him. I’m Donald John. I do the shitting around here. Folks depends upon me to shit, not him.”

All of that whoshawjohn led to Donald John showing up late to a G7 Summit meeting on trade, the environment, and gender equality; all things which Donald John just abhors.

Donald John believes laws put in place to make sure businesses follow the rules of trade, maintain a clean environment, and not grab the women folks by the pussy are all bad.

After all, Donald John made his money by not following the rules while using the rules to stiff his creditors after he filed bankruptcy five times.

And if Donald John can make his multi-millions by not following the rules while stiffing his creditors then so should everybody else.

Equal opportunity in doing wrong is what Donald John believes in. But that’s not how things work in the real world.

That’s why the Canadians didn’t pay any never mind to Donald John praising them while blaming the other 44 presidents, beginning with George Washington, for the trade problems Donald John says the United States has with its allies.

Donald John told folks, “The relationship is a 10. We have a great relationship Angela and Emmanuel and Justin. I would say the relationship is a 10 and I don’t blame them. I blame, as I said, I blame our past leaders for allowing this to happen.”

If this was the case and everything was really peachy with our allies, Donald John would’ve respected our Western allies enough to not leave the G7 Summit early in order to meet with one of our enemies, North Korea.

Donald John hopped onto Air Force One and flew to Singapore for his little photo op with North Korean leader Big Baby Kim Jong-un.

Everybody with real good sense knows that isn’t anything but a photo op because Big Baby Kim isn’t about to give up any of his “paper” nukes that China and or Russia most likely gave to him.

After seeing all of that, JT stood at the podium and told folks that Donald John was insulting and taking Canada’s kindness for a weakness.

And as to be expected, Donald John and his crew didn’t like JT’s honesty.

So, they decided to put the young fella in “a special place in hell” with diesel gasoline drawers on for telling folks the truth about Donald John and his utter hate and love to disrespect Canada and the rest of the U.S. allies every chance he gets.

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