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The Georgia school shooter had
money problems
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 2, 2018

The Georgia school shooter, Randal Davidson, had money problems. At least, that’s what the folks over at 11Alive in Atlanta said.

According to the folks over at 11Alive in Atlanta, Davidson filed for bankruptcy twice while living in Tennessee.

The last bankruptcy he filed was in 2015. Davidson made national news after he decided to go to Dalton High School, where he works as a social studies teacher, lock ‘n’ loaded with a handgun.

Davidson barricaded himself in his classroom, took out the gun, and then shot through the door when the school’s principal, Scott Bartoo tried to open the door.

Fortunately, nobody got shot that day. Unfortunately for Davidson, his foolish decision to take and shoot a loaded weapon inside a school has resulted in him getting several charges filed against him; which could eventually lead to him having an extended stay somewhere in one of Georgia’s state prisons.

Now…I don’t feel sorry for this dude. And yes, I know it’s been reported that this fella has shown signs of being as crazy as a looney tune.

CNN reported that Davidson went to the local police station and said he killed somebody.

The po’ po’ went looking for a dead body that they never found. Come to find out, Davidson made up the story.

Now y’all know…a person has to be a certified fool if he goes to the po’ po’ admitting to a crime he knows he didn’t commit. He needs help. But let me be clear, just because Davidson needs help doesn’t mean he needs to be free.

If anything, that whole dead body story and then going to the school and what looks like him trying to produce a dead body for the po’ po’ is evidence that this fella needs to be institutionalize in a prison or a mental institution forever.

Davidson’s too old to be help. You can’t help a 53-year-old grown man who’s not right in the head.

If Davidson was 15, there’d be some hope. A 15-year-old is still developing intellectually and emotionally.

A 53-year-old man is already developed and Davidson is just too far gone. And to make matters worse the folks over there at that school, folks being the principal who was shot at, knew but he let Davidson stay on as a social studies teacher.

When CNN asked the principal, who Davidson shot at, why Davidson still had a job after proving he is not right in the head, all the principal could say was nothing.

Yep, Dalton High School Principal Scott Bartoo let Randal Davidson stay on the job, around the students and faculty and staff, while knowing Davidson has mental issues.

I feel several lawsuits coming on.

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