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The New York Times just messed up with
that Rod Rosenstein story
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 26, 2018

Folks, I’m not going to spend much time on this. So, I’ll just get right to it. The New York Times just messed up with that Rod Rosenstein story whereby they told everybody that Rosenstein suggested that some folks in 45s’ Cabinet wear a wire in order to gather the evidence needed to convince congress that 25A should be enforced ASAP.

Now…I’m not saying that Donald JOOOHHHNNN doesn’t need to act like the “snowbird” that he is and just go on down to Florida and stay there.

What I am saying is that I recognize wrong. And what the New York Times did was just wrong.

That there was nothing but a he say, she say coming from two people, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, who blame Rod Rosenstein for their BFF James Comey getting fired from his cushy job as the FBI director.

Real quick, Comey was grossly negligent with the way he handle the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and Russia’s meddling in the election.

As a result of then FBI Director James Comey’s gross negligence, we are left with a senior citizen named Donald John Trump Sr., who is suffering from a chronic case of IAS (I Ain’t Shit) syndrome, being the president of the United States. So, Comey had to go. Whether it was on that day back in May 2017 or another day, Comey had to get up out of there.

As a matter of fact, before Donald JOOOHHHNNN sent his bodyguard Keith Schiller over to the FBI building to hand deliver James Comey’s termination letter, James Comey got dinged for lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A week before he got himself fired, then FBI Director James Comey fixed his lips to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that Hillary Clinton’s former aide, Huma Abedin, sent “hundreds and thousands” of emails to her husband’s, Anthony Weiner, laptop. So yeah, that Comey joka had to go.

Just like Comey had to go, McCabe and Page both had to go. She was running around there using “the services” of a married woman’s husband; Peter Strzok being the married man who also got himself a pink slip for his slips.

Y’all know these folks ain’t right. They’re non-cautious whores. If a person doesn’t have sense enough to be cautious when he or she is whoring, he or she isn’t going to be cautious doing other stuff either.

Unfortunately for us, the other stuff was them supposedly trying to stop Russia from meddling in our elections.

Hell, that’s why they couldn’t stop it! They were busy meddling with each other! But…that’s another story. Y’all get the point though.

That New York Times' story about Rod Rosenstein has more holes in it than a poor man’s drawers.

Therefore, it ain’t no need to believe that mess they’re peddling out there to folks.

Devilish scoundrels.

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