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Two grown men dancing;
Happy is how we
Curb Your Enthusiasm
fans are feeling about Richard Lewis doing an episode of Curb
season 11
Twitter Bird Logo;
DID Twitter was
trending after it went down for 30 minutes
on Friday
AMC Theatres 'Welcome Back to the Movies';
AMC Theatres to moviegoers-Welcome
Back to the Movies

Reno 911

Reno 911 

The Reno 911 police officers give
their take on watching TV on a phone
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 14, 2020

Reno 911 Dangle  Depending upon what you’re watching,  watching TV on a phone can be good  thing or a bad thing.

Reno 911 Dangle and Junior  Junior-I watch stuff on my phone all the  time. It ain’t never done nothing to me.

 Dangle-There you go.

Reno 911 Clementine  Clementine-I have a Samsung. The new  Galaxy Note one. That Apple phone just  wasn’t working for me. It wasn’t  recording my videos the way I wanted it  to. With this Samsung Galaxy Note, I  can see every angle of every body that I  record. So if you want my advice, watch  TV on a Samsung. It works waaayyy  better than that Apple does.

Reno 911 Trudy  Wiegel-I just talk to people.


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