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Ellen DeGeneres Looking Mean
The firing of three producers from The
Ellen DeGeneres show won't get rid of the
hostile work
environment there
Tavis Smiley
Tavis Smiley has to pay PBS for the sexual harassment that he committed
IMDb Favorite Horror Movie Villains;
IMDb wants to know who is your favorite horror movie villain

Reno 911

Reno 911 

The Reno 911 police officers give
their take on watching TV on a phone
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 14, 2020

Reno 911 Dangle  Depending upon what you’re watching,  watching TV on a phone can be good  thing or a bad thing.

Reno 911 Dangle and Junior  Junior-I watch stuff on my phone all the  time. It ain’t never done nothing to me.

 Dangle-There you go.

Reno 911 Clementine  Clementine-I have a Samsung. The new  Galaxy note one. That Apple phone just  wasn’t working for me. It wasn’t  recording my videos the way I wanted it  to. With this Samsung Galaxy note, I  can see every angle of everybody that I  record. So if you want my advice, watch  TV on a Samsung. It works waaayyy  better than that Apple does.

Reno 911 Trudy  Wiegel-I just talk to people.


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