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The Tony Awards were on tonight
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 10, 2018

Uhhh, yeah, the Tony Awards were on tonight. It’s the 72nd one. I didn’t watch it.

I tried to watch it…but…I turned it there when all of that singing was going on.

And that singing they were doing just wasn’t going on for me. So, I turn my DVR back on and went back to looking at Ron Burgundy and them in the Anchorman II.

I love that movie! It’s a hoot, I tell ya! A hoot it is! Only Ron Burgundy can raise and bottle feed a shark that comes back looking for him just so the shark can eat him.

Anyhoo, I didn’t look at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards. I know it was on CBS and a gal by the name of Sara Bareilles and a fella by the name of Josh Groban hosted the 72nd Annual Tony Awards.

I don’t know who they are, but I’m sure they did a good job for those checks they got.

Even if they didn’t do a good job, they’ll still get those checks. Yeah…soooo….yeah.

If y’all want to know what all went on during the 72nd Annual Tony Awards, head on over to The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, or The Wrap.

I’m sure those folks have something up there about it. Come to think of it, if the Tony folks want more folks to look at the show they need to show it on Saturday because ain’t nobody looking at that on Sunday.

Sunday is a day of rest and that’s what folks do. They rest. They don’t spend their time looking at award shows about folks they haven’t heard about.

And that’s another thing, they need to give these Broadway folks more shine than what they do if they want folks to be interested in them.

Folks tend to cheer people on when they know who they are cheering for. Folks know who they are cheering for during the Emmys and the Oscars.

They don’t know who they are cheering for during the Tony Awards. And I’m sure those folks are good at what they do.

It’s just that we don’t know how good they are at what they do because we don’t get to see them do what they are good at doing.

Those Broadway tickets cost more than those movie tickets do and everyday folks don’t have time to be spending more than $20 on a ticket to see a show with folks they’ve never heard of before.

That $20 is gas money. And as high as gas is today, you really need about $30 to $40 for gas.

So that Broadway ticket money has to go to getting folks to work. Therefore, what the folks on Broadway need to do, if they want to get every day folks interested in things like the Tony Awards, is to get with some of these networks and begin airing the Broadway shows.

That way, folks will get into it and they will begin looking at the Tony Awards just so they can cheer on their favorite Broadway actor and/or actress.

They may even spend their last check just to show up at the theatre to look at them.

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