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The VEEP is back!!!
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 27, 2017

The VEEP is back!!! Former VEEP/POTUS Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is back and her first order of business is throwing her hat back into the ring for the next presidential election.

She begins testing the presidential waters during an interview with none-other than her former staffer/campaign manager Dan Egan (Reid Scott) who managed to get himself a job, not at CVS, but CBS.

During her interview with Dan, Selina tells him she is getting to know herself after being thrown out of the White House by the American people and Congress.

Selina says to Dan, “I mean I’m not gonna lie. You know, to have gotten so close to the presidency and then have the American people and Congress reject me was uh, was devastating. But uh, I did reacquaint myself with an old friend of mine by the name of Selina Meyer and I like her.”

And getting reacquainted with Selina Meyer is what the former VEEP/POTUS is not doing.

The first female vice president/first female president wants to get back into her tiny little hands that power she had as the FIRST-female president of the United States.

In order to get back her presidential powers, Selina has decided to go at it with most of the people who were with her when she lost all of her presidential powers as the FIRST-female president.

Back together with Selina Meyer again until the end are none other than body man/girl-friend Gar (Tony Hale)y, election expert/Veterinarian Richard Splett (Sam Richardson), ex-husband/lobbyist/con-man Andrew Meyer (David Pasquesi), nanna’s favorite grand-daughter Catherine Meyer (Sarah Sutherland), and Catherine’s other half Me ma’am Marjorie (Clea DuVall).

I must say, not everyone is a o-kay with the Veep throwing her hat back into the presidential ring.

Upon hearing that her mama is going to try to become president again, Catherine breaks down in tears: “What? No, you-you can’t do that…Please don’t do that. You can’t do this to us.”

Andrew says he agrees with Catherine, while poor ol’ Gary and Richard there have no other choice but to disagree with Catherine.

Ol’ girl, however, doesn’t care what any of them have to say because she has made up her mind that she is running for president.

“Catherine, let me just explain something to you sweetie. I really don’t care what you think. I’m gonna run for president again. Mommie’s gonna be president again,” is what Selina says to Catherine.

But, as all things are in Selina Meyer’s world, someone comes in and pisses on her parade and that someone is ol’ Ben Cafferty (Kevin Dunn).

Ben has just been fired from Uber for not being hip and progressive enough. During a team meeting with the young bucks and gals at Uber, Ben decided that it was best for him to go back to his old school ways.

He did things like not placing his notes on the projectile and using his marriage to an Asian American woman as a license to use the old saying, “a Chinamen’s chance,” to describe the chances of Uber getting a tax break.

Welp, none of that went over too well with the young folks over at Uber. So, Ben found himself out the door, out of a job, and heading over to freshman Congressman Jonah Ryan’s (Timothy Simons) office with numbers man Kent (Gary Cole).

But before he made his way to ol’ Jonah there, ol’ Ben stopped by ol’ girl’s daughter’s brownstone to discuss her chances of being the mad-damn president again.

Cheesing from one ear to the other, Selina told Ben she was thinking about making a quick stop over at the annual Madison Monroe dinner in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is a 20 minute drive from Omaha, Nebraska.

Recognizing where this was going, Ben quickly interrupted her with, “Son of a bitch, you’re gonna run for president.

Hypothetically, ma’am you can’t run for president. You don’t have the party’s support. You don’t have the donor’s support.”

Selina told Ben that there are folks who support her, folks like billionaire, private prison investor Sherman Tans.

This did not sway Ben because he knows the recently pardoned billionaire prison investor/ tax evader has about as much respect as a street corner hustler/pimp.

“Shlomo Tans is radioactive. He can read the newspaper on the toilet by the light of his own shit,” is what Ben told Selina.

Selina Meyer didn’t want that kind of support. So, she decided that it is best to not throw her hat into the presidential ring and to continue getting reacquainted with Selina Meyer in her new role as the first former mad-damn president.

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