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The funny thing about Kim Burrell
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 13, 2017

The funny thing about gospel singer Kim Burrell is the same cultural beliefs she used to justify her castigating of those within the LGBTQ community is the same culture that tells you, “Be careful of the stones that you throw.”

Burrell is a product of the black church. And anybody who knows ol’ church going black folks knows they love to tell you, “Baby, you got to know how to recognize when the good Lawd gives you a blessing.”

The funny thing about Burrell is that she recognized that “the good Lawd” sent her a blessing.

Hell, she even tweeted about it: “On @TheEllenShow 1/5/17 w/@Pharrell supporting @HiddenFigures. Have you gone to @AppleMusic to get the soundtrack?”

Yet, after recognizing this also good blessing that “the good Lawd” had sent her in the form of an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Burrell turns around and kills her blessing by throwing stones at the folks who, like Ellen DeGeneres, are members of the LGBTQ community.

A little over a week before she was schedule to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Burrell, who is a pastor at her church, told the congregation that they would have a first class ticket with diesel gasoline drawers on to hell if they were a man sleeping with a man or a woman sleeping with a woman.

Or, as Pastor Burrell put it, “Anybody in this church who’s been in the homosexual experience, beg God to free you…that perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion and has deceived many men and women. It’s caused a stain on the body of Christ.”

Now, I don’t know about y’all but the last time I checked man and woman are incapable of placing anything on the body of Christ.

Christ is an infinite being whose very being is beyond our physical realm. Plus, he’s a God. In fact, he’s the son of God.

Therefore, we humans will never be able to place anything on the body of Christ because Christ’s body transcends the physical realm we occupy.

A person must ask, “Why did Kim Burrell go off on her tangent about folks who are members of the same community as the woman who was providing her with a platform to expand her audience base?”

Welp, the answer is three simple words, Bishop-Eddie-Long. If y’all listen to the tape again, y’all hear how unhappy Burrell is about the possibility of Bishop Eddie Long living the Down Low (DL) lifestyle.

Around the time that Burrell decided to kill her blessing, an emaciated picture of Long began circulating around the on-line.

The picture had many folks questioning if Long has that stuff (AIDS) and if he got it because he has been on the DL for quite a while.

Burrell told her congregation, “I’ve never seen anything as heartbreaking as watching Bishop Eddie Long go down to nothing.
It is an embarrassment to the Church ‘cause nobody would be making that you have AIDS if homosexual men didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors…they have yet to deny it.”

Bishop Eddie Long was sued by four young men who said that he used his position in the church in order to lure them into a sexual relationship with them when they were teenagers.

However, Long says the devil is a liar and he’s not attracted to the men folks. Long also said that his fragile state is due to another illness, which he did not disclose, and that he is taking the proper medication for his non-disclosed illness.

Although many within the gospel community have shun him, Long did get support from gospel singer Yolanda Adams.

Yolanda Adams wrote on her Instagram page, “As a Person who has Gay Relatives and Friends, I had to put these words in the Atmosphere to combat the unwarranted and uproven attack on My Friend #BishopLong. Hateful words are never profitable to the cause of Christ in the world.”

Burrell, Adams, and Long all run in the same circles. So, the rumors about him are very personal for both women.

However, as folks with good sense know, it’s always best to keep the personal and business separate because the personal can easily fuck with a person’s money. But most importantly, a person must respect the blessing that God sends her.

Because if you really want to ascend beyond where you are, you need to respect God’s grace and let go of that hate in your heart.

Unfortunately for Burrell, she’s finding this out the hard way. She didn’t respect God’s blessing enough to let go of her anger and hate.

Instead, Burrell decided to let the devil have his way by using her words as an instrument of hate.

And as a result, she’s learning the hard way that her “hateful words” will not be profitable for her.

Not only was she dismissed from Ellen DeGeneres’ show, but Burrell was booted from the 2017 BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Honors show and her radio show was cancelled.

So yeah, Burrell’s about to find out that singing with the church choir won’t put many chicken wings on the dinner table.

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