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Under the Radar
The Addams Family Little Girl Dancing;
WATCH ME! I got it!
Ted the teddy bear throwing an apple;
Muthafuckas are gonna take it!
Smiling Lady with 'Help Me' written on a coffee cup;
Don't believe the words on a cup

Tony Barbieri Jake Byrd;

Tony Barbieri Jake Byrd YouTube Screenshot Jimmy Kimmel Show    

The funny thing about Tony
Barbieri crashing Roy Moore's
church campaign rally
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 12, 2017

Did y’all notice how during Roy Moore’s church service/campaign rally he never once agreed with Jake Byrd that he “is a man’s man” and that he doesn’t have “the face of a molester?”

I don’t know about y’all. But…I noticed that. Although it is true that Jake Byrd is a character played by Jimmy Kimmel’s buddy, Tony Barbieri, Roy Moore didn’t know that.

Moore just stood up there looking like he was praying for God to come and take all of those church service/campaign crashes out of the building.

God didn’t come but security did. They removed everyone who was causing ruckus, including Moore’s fake supporter Byrd.

Mind you, Byrd was trying to help Moore by telling folks the former judge is a “man’s man” who wouldn’t molest a child.

And due to Moore not knowing who Byrd really was, a person would think that Moore would’ve intervened on Byrd’s behalf and told the law that Byrd was just speaking the truth and to just let him be.

But no, Moore didn’t do that. Moore gave Byrd, who looked like he had just left his single wide trailer, one of those “Lord don’t let him touch me” looks.

I mean, Moore looked at Byrd like he was about to let all of that single wide trailer poverty get on him.

I swear I could hear Moore say to himself, “I bet if he touches me, I’ll start liking spam. Ew. Just keep him away from me Lord. I’ll do anything you say, even not talking to little girls for a day. Just keep all of that poverty away from me Lord.”

And that’s the funny part. Here Jake Byrd is looking like one of Roy Moore’s most ardent supporters, and there Roy Moore is treating Jake Byrd like Jo the Bum on the street corner.

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