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The heatwave has led to 90 to 100 degrees temperatures throughout the country
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 3, 2018

Up in the 90s, is what The Weather Channel folks say. It’ll be up in the 90s the whole week for those of us who live in the Mid-West or on the East coast.

The folks who are getting the brunt of the heat are down there in the South. They will have temperatures way up in the 100s.

But hey, they’re use to the hot weather and high humidity that leads folks to the nearest swimming hole.

And southern folks love telling folks they don’t have a problem with 110 degree temperatures because it’s really the high humidity that has them feeling like it’s hotter than the devil’s kingdom.

Low humidity, high temperatures is good; but high humidity and high temperatures are bad.

That’s why during the summer, down there in the South, folks’ electricity bills are sky high.

And when I say, “sky high,” I mean $200 to $300. Keep in mind that $200 to $300 is just the average.

Folks who have big houses have electricity bills that run up to $1000. That’s why so many of them invest their money into fans and swimming pools.

A fan doesn’t pull as much juice as the AC does and you only pay one time to put the pool in the backyard.

Sure, there’s upkeep of the pool and those IGPFTs (I Gotta Pay For That). But, the upkeep of the pool and the IGPFTs are still cheaper than those high electricity bills folks have to pay for.

That high humidity and high heat will melt the money right out of your pocket, now! It will, I tell ya!

Over here where I am, the temperature is between 95 and 100. I’m not complaining, though.

I’ll take the heat over the cold any day. That cold will cut you to the bone. There’s really no safe haven when it gets down into the 20s.

And oh boy, don’t let it drop down to single digits. Anything below 0, well, that’s a whole nother story.

Sure, a body can be covered up like Eskimo Dan but that ain’t enough to protect your bones from that freezing cold. No siiirrr! There’s no refuge from the freezing cold!

All a soul can do is pray the cold hasn’t frozen up the pipes and that you have enough warm bodies in the house to at least form a human blanket to help keep you warm through the night.

That’s why I like the heat. Cool water can fix it. All a body needs to do to make it in the heat is to find a cool lake and jump in it.

There’s refuge from the heat, but the cold, unh-unh. The cold’s a different story.

Happy summertime! Oh yeah, take a gander down below to see what the folks are saying about all of this heat. Some of it is funny!

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