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The lights went out in New York City
on Saturday for over two hours
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 14, 2019

The City That Never Sleeps decided that Saturday was a good time for it to take a two hour plus nap during the late afternoon.

All of that stress of folks walking, talking, driving, and just moving around had finally gotten to it.

The Big Apple was like, “I’m tired! It’s been 42 years since I got a wink in. I need some winks.”

And some winks was what the Big Apple got after a manhole explosion knocked all of the power out to 67,000 plus folks.

Some folks weren’t bothered by the power being out. They were running around getting married, singing in the street, and cracking jokes on the Twitter.

Other folks, however, were hotter than a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ! Here it was almost seven on a Saturday night and they were getting done up before they showed up. They’re going out to the club, J.Lo’s concert, to Broadway, or just out to enjoy the city lights. But then, BOOM! “What th...,” is what could be heard from one apartment to the other.

Folks looked out the window to see if they’re the only ones whose lights were out. Then they looked over at the Brooklyn Bridge to see if they’re about to have a "Ghostbuster" moment with the Titanic and its passengers arriving over a century later.

When they saw none of that was going on, they sat down at their desk to only remember that they couldn’t turn on the computer because the lights were out. So they got out their iPhones and pulled up the Twitter app to see what’s going on. And surely enough, the lights were out all over the city.

Recognizing that we don’t live in the age of the printing press, but the online press, everybody from the boss man at ConEd to the governor all got up out of their mansions on the hill and headed down to the cameras to say they’re doing something about the not so wide city outage.

As a matter of fact, Gov. Andrew Cuomo threw a little shade at the city of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio by letting everybody know that he, Cuomo, is here in New York doing his job as a top state official while de Blasio is running around the Hawkeye State looking for new employment.

But y’all know what they say, “The dark will show you in ways that the light can’t.” Right now, de Blasio is looking like a stereotypical, self-centered politician who only cares about himself. And the only reason why he did speak so quickly about the blackout is because the rapid speed of the news shamed him into saying something.

Unfortunately for de Blasio, it’s just not a good look for the City That Never Sleeps to be getting what it hasn’t gotten in 42 years, which is sleep. Folks see that as a sign of an inept administration. The first thing they’ll say is, “It took de Blasio to make my lights in my kitchen do what it did back in 1977.”

It’s not a good look, I tell ya. It’s not a good look. SMH.

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