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The proper way to behave on Twitter
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 30, 2017

Acting right on the Twitter is also important. That’s why the folks over at Twitter decided to let hashtag Twitter Etiquette trend so folks could learn the proper ways to behave while using the Twitter.

The top three Twitter etiquette rules are to not tell all of your business, don’t be a narcissist, and don’t keep up mess.

As those of us who use the Twitter know, there are folks called trolls who don’t follow any of the above.

The whole objective is to project themselves onto others so they don’t have to deal with the other within themselves. Y’all know these folks. They jump into your tweetersation and say some crazy shit like you look like a cross between a platypus and a rhesus monkey. Or, the devil took one look at you and told God he’s returning you to Sender.

Then they’ll get a picture that’s not you and have folks believing that you’re somebody nature didn’t make.

Photoshop is good for so many bad things. But that’s the Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, for you.

Folks new to any social media platform just need to know how to interact with folks and know that it’s really no different than if they were sitting at a Starbucks or out at the mall talking to folks.

Basically, the same rules apply to interacting with human beings off-line as they do to interacting with human beings on-line.

So if you’re in doubt about what you should tweet, retweet, like, or the proper way to reply to a tweet just think about how you will respond to someone if he is sitting in front of you.

And if the answer is, “I wouldn’t say that,” than don’t tweet it on the Twitter. Check out some of the rules folks say folks should follow on the Twitter.

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