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Stephen Colbert and guest Wanda Sykes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert;
Wanda Sykes talked
to Stephen Colbert
about her wife Alex,
their children, and her Netflix special Not Normal
Snapchat should be fix now
Snapchat Down;
Snapchat users tweeted out
jokes about the app being down


Got from GIPHY but Chucky belongs to the folks who created him!

The thoughts of scary movie
characters on Halloween
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 31, 2018

I'm cancelling Netflix!

Man with the Candy
Man, these bees don't ever get me
any honeys.

Girl, I'll let you bite me!

Halloween Michael Myers
I need to tie my shoes.

Where's The Cheesecake Factory?!

All of these images belong to the
folks who created them.

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