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There was media bias against Bernie Sanders
on Tuesday night
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 30, 2016

There is some media bias against Sen. Bernie Sanders. During the election on Tuesday night, CNN quickly projected former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the winner in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

During the time of the projection, Clinton was leading Sanders by at least twenty percentage points in Delaware.

However, Clinton’s lead in Pennsylvania was similar to Sanders’ lead over her in Rhode Island.  Both were beating each other by at least sixteen percentage points.

During the time that she was declared the winner in Pennsylvania, only 2% of the votes were in and she was leading by at least 18 percentage points (58.8% to Sanders 40.5%).  While in Rhode Island, 13% of the votes were in and Sanders was leading by 16 percentage points (57.4% to Clinton’s 41.0%).

Yet, CNN didn’t project Sanders the winner of Rhode Island until hours later at 9:40PM.

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