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There were 10 people killed and 13
injured during Texas school shooting
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 19, 2018 Updated-May 20, 2018

Dimitrios Pagourtzis has officially been charged with capital murder in the deaths of 10 people at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

On Friday morning between 7:30AM and 8AM, Pagourtzis walked into the school with a shotgun and a .38 caliber revolver hidden under a long black trench coat he was wearing.

There are reports that Pagourtzis stopped in the hall, looked at the students, yelled surprised, and then pulled the weapons from under his trench coat and began opening fire on everyone.

At some point during the confrontation, resource police officer John Barnes engaged Pagourtzis and returned fire.

The officer and 12 other people were injured during the attack. They are all expected to survive.

Some students who were able to escape the shooting describe to reporters what they saw and heard.

Presley Lummus told CNN that “a teacher was telling us to go, go, go and then you know it’s like instinct. You’re scared. You’re traumatize and so you’re running as fast as you can.”

Lummus said she knew that it was an actual shooter in the school when “all of the cops were pulling up.”

“It all clicked and I was like, ‘Oh my Gosh! Something traumatic has just happened,’” Lummus said to CNN reporters.

Lummus also stated that she didn’t think the incident would happen in her school “it is a place that you feel safe in and that you always think like, ‘That’s never gonna happen to me.’ So it’s kind of scary now that it has happened and to think about it.”

A reporter with KPRC 2 spoke to two parents about the shooting at the school.

A parent told the reporter that “a group of students” ran into his home and told him about the shooting, while another parent told the reporter that a student told her “she was in a field, behind the school, hiding” and that she, the parent, was panicking because she didn’t know what caused the young girl to be in such distress.

Pagourtzis is a 17-year-old student who attended Santa Fe High School.

He was a member of the school’s Junior Varsity (JV) football team and he and his family attended a Greek Orthodox Church in the small town of Webster, Texas.

The authorities said that they do not have any record of contact, via emergency calls or public encounters, which would have led to them keeping a record on Pagourtzis.

However, there were signs on Pagourtzis’ social media page that he may act out violently.

Pagourtzis expressed his desire to kill and his love for extreme figures like Hitler.

BuzzFeed reported that on Pagourtzis’ Facebook page is a post of him wearing a black t-shirt with the words written, “Born to Kill,” and Nazi paraphernalia.

It must be noted that neither the local, county, state, or the federal authorities have stated if anyone alerted them to Pagourtzis’ Facebook posts before the shooting on Friday.

Pagourtzis has been described as a loner. A student named Avery Garza told BuzzFeed that Pagourtzis “was always quiet” and that he was absent from school the couple of days leading up to the shooting.

Another student named Dustin spoke to ABC13 and told reporters that the football coaches and other students would bully and talk negatively about Pagourtzis.

BuzzFeed quoted Dustin as saying to ABC13, “the coaches would bully him and call him names-he just didn’t have a lot of friends.”

According to court documents, Pagourtzis said that he targeted those he killed and that he didn’t shoot those he liked because he wanted them to tell his story.

Sadie Rodriguez is a parent of one of the students, Shana Fisher, who was killed and she spoke to BuzzFeed about what she thinks motivated Pagourtzis to kill her daughter and nine other people.

Rodriguez told BuzzFeed that Pagourtzis was attracted to Fisher and that his advances towards her became more aggressive after he broke up with her daughter’s best friend.

BuzzFeed quoted Rodriguez as saying, “He kept making advances and she (Shana Fisher) repeatedly told him no. He continued to get more aggressive.”

Rodriguez said that it was last week when Fisher's daughter reached her breaking point and went off on Pagourtzis in class.

Rodriguez told BuzzFeed that it is not lost on her that a week after her daughter put Pagourtzis in his place that “he opens fire on everyone.”

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