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There's no friendship in politics
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 12, 2014

There’s no friendship in politics. At least, not for those who are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Take for instance a Republican county commissioner in Tennessee and his Democratic opponent.

According to Jamie Page of the Tennessean, Mark Kelly, Republican County Commissioner, blasts his Democratic opponent and friend of 25 years, Zak Mohyuddin, for being un-American. Mohyuddin is a Muslim American.

Keep in mind that Kelly, according to Page, helped his friend of 25 years move into his home. However, the friendship and history that Kelly has with Mohyuddin didn’t stop Kelly from telling Page that Mohyuddin publicly said that the United States “is not a Christian nation,” the American flag is “a symbol of tyranny and oppression,” and that school prayer “should be banned because it insults non-Christians.”

Page asked Mohyuddin about Kelly’s comments. And Mohyuddin responded, “It is absolute lies.”

Mohyuddin went on to express confusion at Kelly’s actions. According to Page, Mohyuddin said, “It’s not like he doesn’t know me.”

Page said that Kelly was not able to provide any definitive evidence showing proof of Mohyuddin’s statements.

And when Page further questioned Kelly about his comments, Kelly resorted to the old tactic of gossiping about what his friend of 25 years allegedly told him in a private conversation.

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