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There's only one word you need to explain
social media
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 9, 2017

Social Media is something that isn’t hard to explain. In fact, hm is the only word you need to explain it.

Hm, is the perfect word to explain social media because it explains just how crazy it is to be putting all of your business out there in the streets.

Just think about it. What’s the first thing folks say when you start saying something you have no business saying about yourself?

They say, hm. And they say hm because they’re thinking to themselves, “I don’t know why that gal over there is telling on herself like that. Well, I’m not getting into grown folk's business.”

And that’s all social media is. It’s an on-line corner where you go to tell everybody your business.

The folks on the Twitter, the Facebook, the Instagram, and whatever else is out there on the on-line all want to know your business.

That’s why they give y’all all of those hashtags to tell your business. Hashtag Happy Boyfriend Day, girl this is my man! Hashtag Happy Girlfriends Day, man this is my ol’ lady right here. Hashtag I Hate People That. Hashtag My Secret I Won’t Tell is. Yep, stuff like that.

And then to top it off, they turn around and give y’all trends to take part in. Oh boy, don’t let your tweet trend get one million impressions and thousands of responses. You could find yourself on CNN with Don Lemon Tonight or being interviewed by somebody from People Magazine.

It’s just like the corner. You’re just waiting for the right moment when a big timer will stop by and give you some time for the moment.

Your avatar, your background, and biography speak volumes about who you may be. Just like the corner.

Those clothes and hairdo you’re wearing and that nickname you’re going by speaks volumes about who you may be.

The you who you’ve dressed yourself up to be for the moment seems so interesting. But then, folks find out who you really are.

They link that Twitter handle to a face and a place; just like they would if you were on the corner.

I know, hm.

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