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Woman Resting;

Woman Resting

This Mother's Day give your mother the
gift of silence
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 12, 2019

1. This Mother’s Day give your mother
the gift of silence.

Woman Resting Her Hands On The Side of Her Head;

2. The gift of silence is a gift that
keeps on giving all year long. So
take time this Mother's Day to
just let your mother be.

Woman Resting;

3. Go out, anywhere. Go for a walk on
the next street over.

Children Walking On A Sidewalk;

4. Hang out with friends
Friends Hanging Out;

5. Tweet with friends.
Friends Sitting On A Park Bench Tweeting;

6. Go to a place that'll let your mother
know you really care about giving her
the gift of silence.

Hanging Out With Friends;

7. You don’t have to stay away long,
just long enough for her to enjoy her
time away from you.

Woman Smiling;

8. Mothers have to deal with so much.
So this Mother's Day, help her to not
deal by giving your mother the gift of
silence. I promise she won’t love you
any less for it.

Mother Hugging Her Son;

9. Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day Card;

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