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This sums it up-Donald Trump, Miss Universe Pageant, Steve Harvey
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 5, 2017

HOT DAMN! This sums it up right here. Steve Harvey’s hosting of the Miss Universe Pageant is evidence that it is a real good chance that Acting President Donald Trump (Street Corner Donald) continues to have a stake in the Miss Universe Pageant.

About five months ago, Street Corner Donald did one of those hush, hush sale of the Miss Universe Organization to his “favorite” person's, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, little brother Ari Emanuel’s company WME-IMG.

A hush, hush sale is one whereby folks don’t tell you important stuff like whether the other person still has a stake in the business.

Folks tend to do a hush, hush sale whenever they don’t want anyone to know what’s in the deal.

In Street Corner Donald’s case, it would not have benefitted him to tell folks what the deal entailed because it could have easily led to folks knowing about one of those conflicts of interests Street Corner Donald doesn’t want folks to know he has.

Unfortunately for Street Corner Donald, there has been a leak. And that leak came in the form of ol’ Steve Harvey there.

Ol Steve Harvey there got hit by friendly fire after he walked out of Trump Tower grinning from one ear to the other.

Folks like Lauren Warren tweeted that Steve Harvey had “just sold” his “soul,” while Jasper Cooperwood tweeted that Steve Harvey’s friend and fellow comic, Bernie Mac, would be so confused by Harvey’s meeting with the acting president that he would question it with his [Mac] famous “WAYMENT!”

It is no secret that the acting president said some not-too-kind things about folks who have color and that he is close to hater Steve Bannon and the alt-right Breitbart nation.

Plus, the acting president’s nomination of throwback hater Jeff Sessions is not sitting too well with folks who have color.

However, what folks must understand is that Harvey met with Street Corner Donald because Harvey needs money.

Harvey has a lavish lifestyle, a high maintenance wife, several children and grandchildren, as well as an ex-wife to maintain.

And Harvey can’t keep all of these folks happy with only lent in his pockets. So Harvey did what he had to do which is to meet the boss man who is also the 45th president of the United States.

I’m quite sure Street Corner Donald and ol’ Steve Harvey there will deny all of this. But, the truth is in the pudding. And the pudding is saying that Harvey knew that if he wanted to keep getting those Miss Universe Pageant checks then he needed to high tail it up there to Trump Tower when the boss/45th president of the United States called.

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