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Those tiny houses you all see on HGTV
may become legal one day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 1, 2018

Hm…you can’t own a tiny house in Vancouver. Y’all know what a tiny house is? Don’t y’all? It’s one of those houses y’all see on HGTV.

If you live in Vancouver in a house that small, you may very well find yourself with a fine.

Don’t y’all go getting all ornery on the Vancouver folks. They’re only doing what they think is right.

Besides, you can’t have a beautiful city with all of these houses that are smaller than a living room and spread throughout the city. That just doesn’t look right.

Having said that, some folks are trying to help the folks on Vancouver’s city council to see that tiny houses are cool enough to be legally cool for folks to live within the city’s limits.

BC Tiny House Collective is a group of folks who are pushing to have the folks within Vancouver’s government to have a change of heart.

Emily Johnson, who helped to organize the petition to get tiny houses on the ballot, said this is all about a freedom of choice.

Here’s what The Star Vancouver quoted her as saying, “One of the main things to the right of housing is to have the right to choose where you want to live.

If people are willing to come up with alternative living scenarios that they are happy with, they shouldn’t be limited.”

Two city council members, Heather Deal and Shauna Sylvester, told The Star Vancouver that they are open to amending the laws for folks to live in tiny houses.

Deal is reapplying for her job as a city council member which she will more than likely keep; considering the fact she’s had that job for 13-years.

Sylvester is trying to become Vancouver’s first female mayor. Sooo…yeah. But y’all get the point, times are changing and upsetting one group of voters can cause you to be unemployed for a while.

Those tiny house folks are a set of voters. Then there are businesses like Mint Tiny House which employs folks to build tiny houses.

Y’all getting the picture?! Tiny houses become legal then businesses like Mint Tiny House can provide jobs for carpenters, electricians, roofers, surveyors, designers, and everybody else in the tiny house business.

Plus, I hear tell those tiny houses can go for anything between $65,000 to $120,000.

I don’t know about y’all, but that’s a lot of money for a house that ranges in size from 210 square feet to 400 square feet.

I’m not saying that making tiny houses legal will give a boom to Vancouver’s economy. What I am saying is that every little bit, no pun intended, helps; especially politicians who are trying to stay employed or trying to get a promotion.

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