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Braulio Trevino Martinez Suspect in Lizbeth Flores' Murder and Lizbeth Flores;
Suspect in Lizbeth
Flores' case killed
her during robbery
Firefighters battling California fires;
A firefighter was robbed while battling the fires in Northern California
The Ramirez Family's house was split in two by a treed that fell on top of it during Tropical Storm Isaias;
Greg Ramirez pulled his daughter Mia to safety after Tropical Storm Isaias caused a tree to fall on their house trapping her underneath the debris

Pedestrian Traffice;

Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Toronto's crosswalks are a
dangerous place for pedestrians
to be
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 14, 2020

Pedestrians, beware! Toronto’s crosswalks are a dangerous place for y’all to be! The word is out that Torontoians don’t like humans on feet.

A fella by the name of Jamie Bradburn , who works for tvo, says that the utter disdain and hate for humans who use their two feet to get from point A to point B goes all the way back some 100 years ago to 1919 when cars were the new thing.

“If the people were as careful about themselves as the drivers of vehicles are there would be practically no accidents…Accidents are caused by not looking, and the time has arrived when pedestrians must be considered a part of the city’s traffic,” is what Jamie Bradburn says Ontario Motor League President Thomas Phelan said some 100 years ago.

Unfortunately for those who dare use their two feet to travel Toronto’s streets, that sentiment is still there. It has become a part of the culture.

Y’all still don’t believe me?! Well, take as evidence the death of a lil’ ol’ woman, just 77-years old, who was ran down like a dog in the street.

The lil’ ol’ woman was just walking, minding her own business when suddenly, BAAM! Like a bat flying out of hell, a crazy came flying by on four wheels straight into the 77-year-old woman’s body!

The crazy who hit her kept on going, and the people who saw the crazy hit her just kept on going. At least, that’s what Oliver Moore of The Globe and Mail wrote , over a month ago.

Michael Black, who’s on the Steering Committee of the advocacy group Walk Toronto, says he lives in fear of knowing the danger people on feet are in: “From a pedestrian perspective, hit-and-runs are especially terrifying, because it does signify a culture that’s like the Wild West, where drivers can get away with mayhem.”

Don’t get me wrong, now. Toronto ain’t alone in running over pedestrians. People get ran over in New York. People get ran over in London. People get ran over in Paris. As a matter of fact, all of the cities I’ve name dropped are in countries that are in the top seven for the highest pedestrian deaths.

It’s just that according to folks like Bradburn and Moore and Black, folks over there in Canada run around openly expressing their joy at running granny down. The way those two put it, running over granny is the talk during Christmas time.

And to add salt to the wounds, a Canadian clothing company, by the name of Canada Goose, decided it would make a $1,500 pedestrian safety jacket just so it could make money off the fear that folks, like Black, have of dying from injuries sustain in a hit and run.

“This is so f-ked up. For reals, Canada Goose designed a coat with reflective fabric for better visibility for pedestrians because they keep getting run over by cars on Toronto streets,” a person on the Twitter tweeted.

Canada Goose, though, says that jacket was made for folks who can’t take Canada’s weather during the winter time. The only problem with all of that is the priceness of the $1,500 jacket; which clearly indicates that the Canada Goose folks are thinking of the lives of the “well to do”. Everyone else, well, good luck to ya’!

I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what, but I do know that it sounds like there’s something going on with those folks up north way there to the point that whenever Torontoians see “Stop ‘n’ Go,” they just go…right over the pedestrians that is.


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