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Tuck Buckford is Brain Fighting
Silicon Valley And Hollywood
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 11, 2018

I have to give it to ol’ Tuck (TB) Buckford there. He’s a tenacious fella who’s not going to let your superior brains keep his inferior brains down.

Sure, you may be smarter. But ol’ TB there knows how to use his dumber in order to get your money, smarter.

That’s why when those highfalutin, uppity folks in Silicon Valley and Hollywood came at TB about his haterade, TB hit right back at them.

TB let everybody know he’s like the common folks who have an uppity boss who doesn’t like them because they don’t use his fancy words or have his fancy education from one of those fancy, ivory tower universities.

Like y’all, TB can’t afford to lose his little job. He doesn’t have Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos’ money.

Hell, TB doesn’t even have Bernie Sanders’ money. TB has bills to pay and an ex-wife and child to support.

If he loses his little conspiracy talk show host job, TB will be back on Section 8, down there in the trailer park, waiting on his government check along with y’all.

TB don’t want to go back to that life where he’s forced to provide room and board to his vermin neighbors in the woods.

TB doesn’t want those types of problems. That’s why TB got on the on-line and told everybody about how those sinning, heathenistic, highfalutin,’ uppity, no-good Silicon Valley and Hollywood jokas are trying to take food out of he, his ex-wife’s, and child’s mouths.

“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The martyrdom of ol Tuck Buckford,” is what ol’ TB told his Brain Fight nation fans.

Let TB tell it, kicking him off of the YouTube, the Apples, the Facebookers, and the Flickr is like nailing Jesus to the Christ.

Y’all know what?...Wait a minute, I’m trying to figure out how ol’ TB got himself on the Flickr to be kicked off because ain’t nobody using that. At least, nobody I know of. I guess getting kicked off of the Flickr is an indication of just how bad it is for ol’ TB there.

I mean it’s so bad that he’s getting himself kicked off of stuff that folks don’t even use know more or don’t even know about.

Stuff like the Flickr, the Hell Hub, the Bud Speech, and even the shady Somali online folks over at Free Golden Casino Dot Somalia who decided that TB was too shady for them.

The only folks who will air TB’s show are those good for nothing Hatorade scoundrels.

They decided to replace the G with an H on Gatorade because being associated with Hatorade is better than being associated with Gayorade.

Y’all read it right. Those Hatorade devils don’t see or hear Gatorade. They see and hear Gayorade. That’s how their minds work. They ain’t right in the head I tell y’all the truth right now. It’s something wrong with them. Prayer can’t fix them and the devil won’t even take their souls in order to patch them up.

Unfortunately for ol’ TB there, he’s found himself in a worse fix by being associated with those Hatorade do no good scoundrels.

Yard sales are the only advertising he can get now. And a man can’t feed himself, his ex-wife who he “misses desperately,” and their child off of $20 a month advertisement from Denny’s Yard Sale.

That’s why TB told ol’ Donald “PP John” Trump Sr., there that he needs $50. And $50, along with some coupons, will at least get TB, his ex-wife who he “misses desperately,” and their child a decent meal on a budget from Albertsons. Albertsons got a lot of cheap food that will fill your stomach up quick.

I wonder if TB got a hot plate?!

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